How to Purchase a Student Travel Card in London

A student travel card is a travel pass card with a photo of the student on it and is useful for getting a huge range of discounts while traveling via Train or Bus. In some cases the rates can be 30% lower than normal fares. If you travel frequently by Bus or Train, especially for longer journeys, a Student Travel Card can make entitle you to discounts and offers during the time that you are enrolled in school or university in London. However, students who either live near their Educational institute or take a very few journeys may not find the card useful because the savings they offer are only worth the effort when you use the card several times a week.


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    Age groups

    The Travel for London scheme has special age groups that apply to the student travel card, also known as the oyster travel card. They divide the population of students in London into 18+, 16-18, 11-51, 5-10 and under 5. Every age group under 18 years of age needs a guardian or parent to fill in application and make payment. However, one of the most commonly used option is the over 18 card that is meant for college and university students.

    Click Here for further details on each type of card.

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    Conditions before applying

    The Travel for London scheme for 18+ age group has some pre-requisites and only individuals falling with in the guidelines set forth can apply. You can apply only if:

    a) You are older than 18 years of age.

    b) You are enrolled in an educational institution that is registered with the TfL scheme.

    c) You are enrolled full-time or part-time in a courses. You will need to provide evidence for this from your institute.

    d) The starting and ending dates of your courses while you are in London.

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    Required Documents

    If you meet all the requirements that you need to arrange the following documents before you apply for your card. Make sure to have these on hand before you start filling out the online form:

    a) A digital photograph. You will need to upload this when sending in your online application. Formats allowed are .gif , .jpeg and .bmp that do not exceed 1 MB. Make sure your face is clearly visible and no hats or other coverings are allowed.

    b) Copy of ID. You need to scan your UK university or college ID as proof of enrollment.

    c) Address. You must make sure the address is in the UK or else your application will be rejected.

    d) Payment. Don't forget to keep your credit card or debit card handy because you will be asked to pay 10 pounds before the application is processed.

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    The Travel for London scheme accepts applications online. This is a quick and easy method that makes the process error free.

    a) Go on to the TfL site and create a web account here.

    b) You can also then fill out the application and attach the required documents.

    c) Once you submit and pay the 10 pound fee, you will receive a confirmation and you will see the status of your application in the web account.

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    Tracking and receiving your card

    You can see the progress of your card by logging back into your web account here. Another way to see how the application is coming along, you can SMS your application number at 07624 809 356 and receive a status update via text. Another option is to call 0845 331 9872 to get the details for your card.

    In most cases the Oyster card is received in the mail within 2 weeks. If the time period is exceeded you can use any of the above methods to confirm the status or get an update.

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    Rejections and resubmitting

    Sometimes if the information you provide is incomplete or incorrect, the card application will be rejected. You can login to your web account and resubmit the details that are missing or wrong to get the card. You will also need to renew your card every year as long as you are enrolled.

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