List of Romanian Restaurants in London

Romanian food is a blend of different cuisines that it came into contact with. However, it still maintains its own characteristic. The Romanian menu usually comprises of different soups, meat, fish, pies and lot of vegetables. Because of this very reason, both vegetarians and meat lovers in London are fond of this cuisine. One of the popular Romanian dishes sărmăluţe cu mămăligă is also loved by veggie aficionados in the British capital. This dish includes stuffed cabbage rolls along with sauerkraut and mămăligă. The cabbage rolls in this dish are usually decorated with sour cream. If you are looking to try sărmăluţe cu mămăligă or any other Romanian dish you can start your search of Romanian restaurants in London from our step by step listing.


  • 1

    Cornelius Restaurant, is one of the leading Romanian restaurants in British capital that are serving traditional cuisine of the region.

  • 2

    Amurg, offer its guests traditional Romanian dishes in a lavish environment.

  • 3

    Britannia Restaurant, is another name in the index of Romanian restaurants in London. They are providing Romanian food lovers the authentic cuisine.

  • 4

    Caru cu Bere, serves Romanian dishes at Cricklewood Broadway for some time now.

  • 5

    La Gogu, is offering its customers the true taste of Romanian food which will remind them Romania.

  • 6

    Suceava, specialises in authentic Romanian cuisine. They are serving Romanian food in the Palm Hotel of London.

  • 7

    Moldova, serves Romanian cuisine along with live Romanian music.

  • 8

    Spitiko,also offers quality Romanian food in the green lanes in London.

  • 9

    Patiseria Romana, specialises in wide range of Romanian dishes that are cooked with fresh ingredients.

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