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The Kelmscott House is a famous historic building in Hammersmith, London. This museum has earned this status because a famous English artist, libertarian socialist, writer and textile designer, William Morris used this site as his residence. However, after William’s death, the basement of this building was turned into a museum and it was named The Kelmscott House Museum. This step was taken in order to preserve, show and inspire the coming generations about the extra ordinary work of Morris. Today the William Morris Society in United Kingdom manages the Kelmscott House and encourages school groups of children to visit this wonderful museum and see the amazing collections of William Morris.

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    History of Kelmscott House Museum:

    The Kelmscott House is a historic building which a few famous personalities had used as their residence. However, this building gained more fame when an English artist, writer, libertarian socialist and textile designer, William Morris used it as his residence from April 1879 to October 1896. Initially the Kelmscott House was called “The Retreat”, but later Morris renamed it and gave this building its current name. The Kelmscott House is also well-known because in the early 1800s, Sir Francis Ronalds had set up a primitive telegraph while residing in this building.

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    Collections to See in Kelmscott House Museum:

    - Life History of William Morris
    - Artworks of William Morris
    - Writings of William Morris

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    Tickets and Entry

    To know the exact ticket and entry details of Kelmscott House Museum in London, get in touch with the relevant authorities of this museum by using the information provided in STEP 5.

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    Operational Hours of Kelmscott House Museum:

    Kelmscott House Museum opens for the general public only for two days; Thursdays and Saturdays, and the opening hours on these two days are from 2:00 pm till 5:00 pm

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    How to Contact Kelmscott House Museum:

    Use the telephone, fax and email address provided below in order to contact the management of Kelmscott House Museum in London:

    Phone: +44 20 8741 3735
    Fax: +44 20 8748 5207

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    Location of Kelmscott House Museum:

    26 Upper Mall, London, Greater London W6 9TA, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Kelmscott House Museum:

    By Tube

    Hammersmith tube station is to be found about 15 minutes away from Kelmscott House Museum by walk. In order to get to Kelmscott House Museum from this tube station, patrons need to head out in northwest course towards Hammersmith Road/A315 and after covering a gap of 0.7 miles on foot, they will be able to find the destination on the right side. Directions from Hammersmith tube station to the Kelmscott House Museum.

    By Bus

    Barnes, Hammersmith Bridge North Side (N-bound) is the nearest of all bus stops from Kelmscott House Museum by walk, as  a bus user can bridge this gap in about 6 minutes. An individual should head in northeast direction towards Rutland Grove in order to reach Kelmscott House Museum located on the right side after covering a distance of 0.3 miles. Direction from Barnes, Hammersmith Bridge North Side (N-bound) to the Kelmscott House Museum.


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