How to Avoid Cyber Crime in London

Cyber crime is not an illusion anymore. It is a bitter reality faced by millions around the globe, targeting the unsuspecting vulnerable victims like an angry beast unleashed. This world of ours is a dark jungle that needs to be treaded carefully otherwise we may be trapped in situations we wish were never there. Likewise, keeping safe from cyber crime is an inevitable process that comes with the technological revolution that has come in the form in internet. Cyber crime is explained as an offence that is committed against somebody to harm them. It may be physical, mental or financial. Although the London Metropolitan Police is trying to curb this menace, but cases of cyber crime are still being reported. There are a few simple steps that can be followed to keep safe from cyber crimes in London.


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    It is advised that you share as little personal information when online as possible. This will decrease your chances of being ripped off financial or blackmailed in any sort of way.

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    Never download anything from websites that do not seem secure. The wp-content/uploads, once downloaded, will unleash an attack of viruses, Trojans or spywares that will not only play havoc with your computer, but also give accessibility to hackers to hack into your personal information/data stored.

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    Don’t keep one password for all your accounts (social media, e-mails, etc) because if an intruder manages to get into one of your accounts then all the others will be at easy access too.

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    If you have become a victim of cyber crime then you should inform the Metropolitan Police of London, without any hesitation, by dialing 101 for non-emergency cases and 999 for emergency cases.

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    If your computer has been infected by a virus/Trojan/spyware, then it is best to get your windows reinstalled or run a reliable anti-virus software. You can either reinstall the windows yourself or take it to a computer shop based in London. Following are a few examples of them;

    Visit PC World’s website.
    Visit Micro Anvika’s website.
    Visit YoyoTech’s website.

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