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In September 2004, The Bridge Pregnancy Crisis Centre was established to ensure the availability of healthcare services to people facing problems associated with pregnancy. Since the facilities at that time were not enough, so it was strongly felt to have a medical center that caters to the need of pregnant women and their families associated to the issue. This healthcare facility offers not only all kinds of pregnancy related tests, but consultations regarding parenting, miscarriages, abortions, and adoptions are also a specialty. It also provides solutions for unplanned pregnancy. The centre has special counseling services offered to deal with pregnancy in teenagers and baby loss trauma.

Contact: +44 330 123 1033

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    Services at The Bridge Pregnancy Crisis Centre:

    Counseling and psychological help related to below mentioned issues are provided at The Bridge Centre:

    - Pregnancy Test (Positive or Negative)
    - Unplanned Pregnancy (Good news or bad)
    - Teenage Pregnancy (Fears and others concerns)
    - Abortion (Baby Loss Trauma)

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    Operational Hours:

    The Bridge Pregnancy Crisis Centre remains open on Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 17:00 and it remains closed on Sunday.

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    Facilities at The Bridge Pregnancy Crisis Centre:

    Along with healthcare services, The Bridge Pregnancy Crisis Centre also facilitates people who are traumatized after a loss of their baby, besides assisting in pre/post natal care.

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    How to Make Appointments at The Bridge Pregnancy Crisis Centre:

    To make an appointment, please call on the below given number. And if that doesn't work, contact the centre on their e-mail address.

    Telephone: +44 330 123 10 33

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    How to Contact:

    Contact details are as follows;

    Help line: +44 330 123 10 33

    Urgent Text: +44 75 225 147 22


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    150 Maple Rd, London SE20 8JB, United Kingdom

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    How to Get There:

    By Train:

    From Penge West station, commuters can cover the distance in approximatley 9 mins by walk. From the station move northwest towards Anerley Park and then take a right onto Anerley Park. After that, you have to take a right towards High St/A234 and after covering a distance of 0.3 miles, take a right onto Maple Rd. After one minute's walk on Maple Road, you will reach the medical centre. View map.

    By Bus:

    The Bridge Centre is three minutes walk away from the bus stop at High Street Maple Road (Stop D)‎ where bus numbers 176, 197, 227, 354 arrive.

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