How to Get Suriname Tourist Visit Visa from London

Suriname is recognized as one the most relaxed countries in the world with no terrorist, less rate of crime and friendly behavior of the inhabitants.  There is no Suriname embassy in UK, but an Honorary Consulate is working in London. For Visa purposes, the Consulate General in Amsterdam Netherlands represents the Republic of Suriname. The Consulate General provides consular services such as: applying for visas, passports, driving licenses and documents from the population of Suriname. The nationals of Netherlands, France, U.S., Canada and all the UNASUR countries don’t need a visa. But UK nationals along with all other countries not mentioned above are required to apply for a Visa. Below is the Step by Step guide on How to get Suriname Tourist Visit Visa from London.


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    Visa Requirements

    Following list of documents is required to apply for a Tourist visa of Suriname.

    a) A passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of intended travel.
    b) An Application Form duly filled and signed.
    c) A copy of itinerary and return ticket.
    d) One recent passport size photo.
    e) For minors under 18, following documents are  required:
    i) Birth Certificate with names of parents mentioned.
    ii) Photocopy of legal documents pertaining to guardianship.
    iii) Letter of consent of parents. If one parent is travelling with child, it must be legalized by the other. If child is travelling alone, the letter must be legalized with permission of both parents.
    iv) Death certificate, in case the parents are not alive.
    f) Proof of a confirmed accommodation in Suriname.
    g) Any other documents required by the consulate.

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    Visa Application Procedure

    Contact the Consulate General of Suriname in Netherlands for the information and procedure of Visa Application. This embassy will tell you how to send and receive applications. The contact details are as follows:

    Ambassade Van De Repuliek of Suriname

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    Visa Fee

    The Suriname consulate in Netherlands applies rates for tourist Visas according to the following schedule:

    Single Entry Tourist Visa                                                    €40.00
    2 months Multiple Entries Visa                                         €40.00
    12 Months Multiple Travel Visa                                             €150.00
    3 Years Multiple Travel Visa (for Suriname nationals)          €165.00

    For up to date rates, keep in contact with the relevant authorities.

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    Final Checklist

    Check following list of items before taking a tour to Suriname, in order not to face any difficulty in the process.

    a) Validity of passport.
    b) Required documents of travel.
    c) Proper travel insurance coverage and coverage against loss.
    d) Date and time of departure, arrival and contact information of the reserved accommodation.
    e) Any further requirements to be met by Suriname immigration authorities.

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    Things you are allowed to take with you

    a) The authorized amount and kind of luggage to travel.
    b) The local currency of Suriname.
    c) Make sure that your luggage is not carrying anything illegal.
    d) The information of the UK embassy in neighboring countries.
    e) You are  not allowed to take weapons and/or drugs with you.

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