Redbridge Tube Station London

Redbridge tube station is located in Redbridge and is served by the Hainault loop of Central line. Its construction started in 1930, but the inauguration was delayed due to the Second World War. The station started its operations in December 1947, and was initially named as West llford but later on renamed to Redbridge. A well known architect, Charles Holden designed the station building. Redbridge tube station was awarded a status of Grade II listed building in 2011 by English heritage. The station facilitates its travelers with vending machines, photo booth, toilets, car parking, induction loop and staff assistance for disabled people. The travelers can enter and exit from the station through Eastern Avenue & station car parking. There is also one more entrance from Redbridge Lane which can be used to enter and exit from the station. Places to explore near Redbridge Tube Station.


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    Restaurants and Coffee Shops

    Redbridge tube station has a a considerable amount of coffee shops and restaurants in its surroundings which offer delectable food to the travelers and commuters.

    Rima Tandoori, El Toro Loco & Luigi's.

    Coffee shops:
    Costa Coffee &  Belgique.

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    Clubs and Bars

    There are various clubs and bars located nearby that offer a versatile menu which is aided by delicious ale, appetizing food and an awesome environment.

    Redhouse Bar, The George, Nightingale &  The Cuckfield.

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    Hotels and Accommodations

    If you are looking for comfortable rooms on economical rates then several well known hotels can be found within one mile distance of Redbridge tube station.

    Premier Inn Ilford, Park Hotel & St. Georgio Hotel.

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    Sights and Attractions

    Just as the area around this tube offers a variety of accommodation places, clubs and bars, it also has promising sights and attractions that people can visit to reinvigorate themselves in a natural environment.

    Valentines Park, Picture Perfect & Wanstead Park.

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    Educational Institutes

    Parents always strive to look for top-quality and nearest education centers for their children so that the commute becomes convenient for them. If you use Redbridge tube frequently, you can consider admitting your children to one of the following listed institutes.

    Wanstead High School, Beal High School & Highlands Primary School.

    EThames Graduate School &  UK College.

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    Gifts and Book shops

    It’s a pleasant gesture to present a gift either when you meet a friend after a long time, or visit someone's home. A number of gift shops are established near the Redbridge tube station and along these gift shops, several book shops are also available.

    Gift shops:
    The Orange Tree, Blush Temples of Wanstead &  L K Lily.

    Book shops:
    Astrology Corner &  I D Edrich.

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    Health and beauty services

    You can easily find many beauty salons and health clubs in the vicinity of Redbridge tube station. They provide excellent services to their customers.

    Beauty salon:
    Hair City, Pura-Natural Beauty & Nails Couture & Design.

    Health club:
    Wanstead Leisure Centre &  Complete Coaching.

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    Emergency services

    In order to provide relief to people in a threatening situation, there are two police stations in the area around the tube.

    Police station:
    Metropolitan Police Service &  Wanstead Police Station.

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    Hospitals and Clinics

    Like other facilities, there are various medical facilities near Redbridge tube station too. They not only ensure the provision of high-quality medical services, but also have state-of-the-art medical equipment to complement the process.

    Spire Roding Hospital & The Galleon & Heronwood.

    Redbridge Back Pain Clinic, Meeson William L &  Wanstead Place Clinic.

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