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Life Care Service is a medical centre in Hounslow that provides free, instant and confidential help to women, who are affected by pregnancy loss or pregnancy. These services include free and secret pregnancy test with results provided instantly. The centre also takes care of patients, who require assistance regarding their decision towards pregnancy. In addition to this, Life Care Service also helps its patients before abortion so that they can get more information on the condition, while the centre’s support extends to distressed or anxious patients too. Miscarriage cases are also handled at Life Care Service. In short this medical centre helps its patients in the best way one can think of.

Contact: +44 20 8570 7717

Visit: Life Care Service Website


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    Services at Life Care Service:

    Life provides services on following issues to their patients:

    - Pregnancy
    After Miscarriage
    After Abortion
    Practical Support
    Other Local Services

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    Operational Hours of Life Care Service:

    Patients can drop in Life Care Service centre between 11:00am till 2:00pm on Tuesday and Friday without taking an appointment.

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    How to Make & Cancel Appointments at Life Care Service:

    There is no need to make or cancel an appointment at Life Care Service as no scheduled time is necessary before dropping at this medical centre.

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    How to Contact Life Care Service:

    People can get in touch with the Life Care Service either by visiting the centre in person or use the following contact details to hear from them.

    Contact for General Information: +44 20 8570 7717


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    Location of Life Care Service:

    20 Vicarage Farm Rd, Hounslow TW3 4NW, United Kingdom

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    How to get to Life Care Service:

    By Tube

    Hounslow West tube station can be found at a walking distance of 479 ft away from Life Care Service. The walking journey will take nearly 2 minutes, if the patron head in the north direction on Vicarage Farm Road towards Ambassador Close, from the Hounslow West tube station. After 2 minutes walk patron will be able to find the Life Care Service on his or her left side. See the walking directions to Life Care Service from Hounslow West tube station to know the route properly.

    By Bus

    Nearest bus stop, Hounslow West, Hounslow West (Stop D) is also not too far from Hounslow West tube station therefore walking directions of tube and bus stop is almost similar. Only difference is that bus stop is about 417 ft away from Life Care Service. Bus numbers that one can use to arrive at Hounslow West, Hounslow West (Stop D) are 482, H32 and H91.

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