Manor House Tube Station London

Manor House station is an underground tube stations managed by London underground and is located is fare zone 2 and 3. The station started to operate in 1932 in the month of September, and since then it has been providing facilities for partially blind, people who have hearing problems. They can be assisted through dogs, as well as the staff. The station has been named after a public house situated close by and has set a high threshold of standards as far as the aesthetic appeal is concerned. If you are entering or exiting the station and ticket hall, it can be done through two ways which are; Green lane and Seven sister’s road. Places to explore near Manor House Tube Station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops

    Those who happen to be near Manor House Tube Station and want to know about some good restaurants and coffee shops near Manor House Tube Station, to satisfy their appetite need not to worry.

    The 12 Pins, Brownswood Park Tavern & McDonald's Green Lanes

    Coffee shops:
    Finsbury Park Café, Good for Food & The Park Cafe & Restaurant

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    Clubs & Bars

    People who want to have some fun near Manor House Tube Station, and want their favorite drink, or socialize with other people while also dancing can visit the following listed places.

    The Silver Bullet, Orleans & The Manor Club

    The Finsbury, Brownswood Park Tavern & The 12 Pins

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    Hotels & Accommodation

    If you are looking for a place to stay for a while, there are ample options of hotels and hostels to choose from. Rest assured, their services are impeccable and at a high standard.

    Woodberry Down Hotel, Kent Hall Hotel, Costello Palace Hotel & Spring Park Hotel

    Arsenal Tavern Backpackers Hostel, Flatshare London & Arsenal Tavern Hostel

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    Sights and Attractions

    One must take time out of the busy work life for some outing, recreation and entertainment. The Manor House Tube Station surroundings comprise of a variety of parks and scenic places nearby.

    Finsbury Park, Clissold Park, Abney Park Cemetery Trust & Arsenal Museum

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    Educational Institutes

    If you are looking for a good educational institute near Manor House Tube Station, you can choose from the following list of schools and colleges.

    Stoke Newington School - Media Arts & Science College, Woodberry Down Community Primary School, Parkwood Primary & Nursery School, Stroud Green Primary School & Gemal College

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    Gift & Bookshops

    People who are looking to buy a gift for someone near Manor House Tube Station or like reading books can avail the opportunity of visiting one of the shops mentioned below.

    X-IT, Brauns Judaica & Gifts & Cabbages & Kings

    Book shops:
    New Beacon Books & Church Street Bookshop

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    Health & Beauty Services

    People who are conscious about their looks, beauty and health should visit the following health and beauty services near Manor House Tube Station.

    Finsbury Park Athletics & Fitness First

    Semra, Zoraza salon and spa & Apricots Health & Beauty

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    Emergency Services

    In case you need some emergency help, you can contact the nearest police and fire service near Manor House Tube Station who will be there to assist you as soon as possible.

    Metropolian Police Sevice & Stoke Newington Fire Station

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    Hospitals & clinics

    If you want a regular medical checkup and need to go to the hospital for some treatment, or in case of any health issue you can visit the following hospitals and clinics near Manor House Tube Station.

    St Ann's Hospital & Rspca Harmsworth Memorial Hospital

    The Cedar Practice, Patel Dr V N, Light & Sound Therapy Centre & Barton House Group Practice

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    Shopping Malls

    If you want to visit some shopping malls for shopping under one roof near Manor House Tube Station, there are some shopping malls that are in close proximity to the Manor House Tube Station.

    Costcutter Supermarket, Tesco Express & The London Fashion Centre

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    Childcare Centres

    For  parents who want to prepare their children before starting formal schooling should consult one of the childcare centres mentioned below. And they are situated close to the tube, so your traveling time will be to a minimum too!

    Early Years Centre, Little Angels, Parkwood Primary & Nursery School, Lillipott Play Group & Coconut Nursery LLP

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