How to Get Mongolia Tourist Visit Visa from London

Mongolia displays some of the most magnificent ruins from ancient Emperors and some must see places like Gobi Deserts, Khuvsgul Lake, Altai Mountains and Orkhon Valley. Mongolia has always been an attractive place for the tourists. Mongolian Embassy in London usually remains busy in granting tourist visit visas to the applicants. There are some pre-requisites that should be completed in order to get a visa such as valid passport, bank statement, visa fee and some other conditions. This step by step guide to get a tourist visit visa from London has been compiled to make the process easier for those who want to apply from British capital.

Visit: Embassy of Mongolia


  • 1

    Visa Exempted Countries

    The Nationals of many countries does not need visa to enter into Mongolia. You can check the names of the countries by visiting the below given link.

    Click to see Visa Waiver Countries.

  • 2

    Application Form

    You can get an application form available on the official website of the Mongolian Embassy in London. You can also apply online. You need to visit the below given link to apply online. You will fill out the application form and print it.

    Click to reach the Online Application Form.

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    After filling up the application form, attach the following documents:

    (a)    Completed Application Form duly signed by the Applicant.
    (b)   Passport that should be valid for at least six months before the end of the intended period of stay in Mongolia.
    (c)    One passport size photograph in light colour background.
    (d)   Travel itinerary.
    (e)   Hotel reservation.
    (f)     In some cases insurance is preferable. You can check it with the Embassy before submission of applications.

    You may have to submit some additional documents if you are the National of any other country. You should consult the Embassy before making your application package.

  • 4

    Visa Fee

    Visa Fee for the single entry visa valid for three months is 40 pounds for the Normal services. Normal service takes up to two to five days. For urgent service which takes only in single day is 60 GBP. Fee can only be paid through bank payment. A printed internet banking payment is required as a confirmation for the visa fee to Mongolian visa. Bank account detail is given below.

    Bank: HSBC
    Name of Payee: Mongolian Embassy
    Payment Description: Visa Fee
    Payee sort code: 40-04-01
    Payee Account Number: 52362503

    You need not to submit visa application fee, if you are the passport holder of India and United States. If you want to make your visit more than 90 days, you will have to give service charges that are 85 GBP.

  • 5

    Submission of Application

    Applications can be submitted in person, by the family member, or can be lodged via Embassy’s Accredited Agents. Embassy’s accredited agents are Real Russia and OBT.
    Visit: Real Russia
    Visit: Overseas Business Travel

  • 6

    Processing Time

    Processing time for the standard applications is 2 to five working days. However, urgent applications can be processed in single working day.

  • 7

    Collect Visa

    You can collect your visa from the Consular Section of Embassy in London. Your visa will be sent to you if you submit by postal service.

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