List of Alternative Medicines Centres in London

The alternative medicines are becoming popular among the modern man despite the latest methods of traditional treatment. The reason is that alternative medicines have given tremendous outputs during last few years and numbers of patients have recovered miraculously from fatal diseases. Considerably, large numbers of people are not even aware of the benefits of alternative medicine therapies. If one may feel the need to reconcile the health issues accordingly with long-term benefits for a good and healthy life, the alternative medicine therapy surely is the best option to initiate with. Finding an alternative medicine centre in London is surely a problem, as there are large numbers of Allopathic stores.  So, Step by Step provides you a list of best alternative centres in London that will help you to find them without any inconvenience.


  • 1

    Advanced Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture, provides each patient the highest standard treatment and offers professional treatment as well as personal health advice.

  • 2

    Active Life Osteopath, team provides a unique environment to the patient as well as a remarkable concern for the patient’s root causes of their problems, so that it is prevented in future.

  • 3

    Acorn Surgery, team has the core concern to provide the best in care and alternative medicine therapies.

  • 4

    Ace Osteopaths, offer services that treat the persons fully, whatever their complaint may be.

  • 5

    Abbey Mills Thai Yoga Massage, provides a wonderfully traditional Thai massage unit, offering real Thai style of massage that helps relieve pain, helps with circulation and general well being and full relaxation.

  • 6

    A & H Chinese medicine, operates a team of trained experts who treat every patient with the greatest of care, providing a friendly and helpful service.

  • 7

    A P Clinic, provides services and treats injuries and conditions by encouraging the body's own natural healing mechanisms to optimise recovery.

  • 8

    The 1st Alternative Health Centre, was established in 1988 by Osteopaths to provide a centre for Alternative Holistic therapies. It provides excellent services in alternative medicine therapies.

  • 9

    Sayer Clinics, welcome self-referred new patients and those sent by GPs orthopaedic, neurosurgeons, yoga, athletics, sports, music and dance professionals.

  • 10

    Barella Holistic Clinic, was established in 2008 by Paolo Barella, a fully insured and registered osteopath. At present the therapies offered by the clinic are; osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, chiropractic, sports & remedial massage.

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