Upton Park Tube Station London

Uptan Park tube station is served by District, Hammersmith and City Lines. It was the 1st station which was opened by London Tilbury & Southern Railway in 1877. The station was built by a property developer Read who built its two platforms between Queen’s Road and Harorld Road. District line started their services in 1902 from the station, and the LT&SR services were withdrawn from it in 1962. The station building was reconstructed in 1903-1904 that now forms the present station, and now a days serves as a local tube station of Boleyn Ground – home ground of  West Ham United football Club. The station has facilities of three ticket offices, two touch screen ticket machines, telephones, and has two entrances from the Green Street to enter the ticket hall, which is also used to exit, and the other entrance is from Queen’s Road to enter in ticket hall and travelers can use the same way for exit.


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    Restaurants and Coffee Shops

    A variety of cuisines are available in the surrounding of Uptan Park tube station. Visitors can find delicious food in these restaurants and along with these restaurants, there are a number of coffee shops and cafes that are serving great tasting coffees.

    Subway Upton Park, Kebabish & Lazzat Karahi Indian restaurant

    Coffee shops:
    Duncan's Pie Mash & Eels & Vijay

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    Clubs and Bars

    A number of bars are serving besides the Uptan Park tube station but only 2 night clubs are situated in a radius of 1 mile from the tube station. These clubs and bars have all the ingredients to enthrall its clients!

    Night clubs:
    Club MM Bar & temptation night club

    The Queens, The Black Lion & The Duke Of Edinburgh

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    Hotels and Accommodations

    There are a number of accommodation places that are available in surroundings of Uptan Park tube station. Visitors who are new in town and looking for a stay near the station can find these accommodations easily because they are situated at a few distance from the station.

    The Newham Hotel, The Park Tavern Hotel, Forest View Hotel & The Countryside Hotel

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    Sights and Attractions

    The sights situated close to the tube are full of natural beauty, proving as great places to visit with friends and family to strengthen the bond that is shared with them.

    Priory Park, West Ham Park, Ruskin Arms & Central Park

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    Schools & Colleges

    The importance of education in an individual's life is undeniable, and as a testimony to this fact, there are various educational institutes working around the tube station to provide residents an ease of access to them.

    Upton Cross Primary School & St Bonaventures R C Secondary School

    Innovative College London, Oxford College Of London Ltd & St George s College

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    Gifts and Bookshops

    Gifts are shared to show people that they are cared for. And what better gift than a good and informative book. This is why there are many gift and bookshops near the tube station to provide people not only books, but also other gift items.

    Gift shops:
    Gifts & Favours, Gifts Shopping Centre & Gifts For You

    Book shops:
    Al Madina & Newham Bookshop

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    Health and Beauty Services

    Health clubs and beauty service providers have been serving around the tube since the past many years, establishing a recurring client base for themselves.

    Beauty salons:
    Beauty @ Anju's, Dees, Visage By Js &Yasmin's

    Health Club:
    East Ham Leisure Centre

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    Emergency Services

    Whether it's a natural calamity, a burglary or somebody has fallen sick (God forbid), emergency relief services available near the tube are sure to be at service!

    Police station:
    Metropolitan Police Service, Forest Gate Police Station & East Ham Police Station

    Fire brigade:
    Plaistow Fire Station

    Ambulance service:
    West Ham Ambulance Station

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    Hospitals and Clinics

    Hospitals and clinics are very important for any town and city. Visitors can get a couple of hospitals and a number of dental clinics in the surroundings of Uptan Park tube station. These hospitals offer 24/7 hours services by their well qualified medical staff.

    Newham University Hospital & Newham Centre For Mental Health

    Upton Park Dental Care, Balaam Park Health Centre & Green Street Dental Practice

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    Shopping Malls

    Only 1 shopping mall lies in 1 mile radius of Uptan Park tube station that includes many branded shops. People can buy a number of things of their daily use from East Ham Market Hall.

    East Ham Market Hall

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    Childcare Centers

    Childcare centers are available at a few distance from the Uptan Park tube station. However, they are not in as big numbers as other amenities near the tube station are.

    Fellowship House Childrens Centre & Step By Step Childrens Centre

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