Facts about Stratford London

Stratford is situated in East London and is part of London Borough of Newham. It is located approximately 6 miles towards east from Central London. The area sees a huge activity of people all through the day, and the same place is going to host London Olympic games 2012. Millions of sports fans from all around the world are expected to visit Stratford during the 2012 Olympic games. The area has seen huge development, and once it was an agricultural land but it was later used as an industrial area and now it is one of the more powerful financial hubs of the city that creates huge economical activity. Following is a list of some useful steps related to Stratford.


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    Geographical Location

    Northwest side of Borough Newham is where Stratford is situated, and it is also a border between London Borough of Hackney and London Borough of Newham and it also touches borders of London Borough of Tower Hamlets and London Borough of Waltham Forest.

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    Historical Facts

    When Stratford was more of an agricultural area, the population was very low but when it was converted into an industrial area, the population increased rapidly and that is why it became a central administration point of Westham Borough in 1886. Later in 1965, the area was integrated with Greater London.

    The roots of its name originated from 1067 and the area was known as Straetforda, which is a form of Old English. In 1839 when railway was introduced at Stratford, the area went through huge expansion and soon became a focal point of the city trade.

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    Stratford generates a lot of revenue as two big shopping malls are operating in London that include Westfield Stratford city and the Stratford centre shopping mall. Westfield Stratford city Mall has roughly 300 retails stores in it and is known to be Europe's largest shopping centre, and all of them are creating huge revenues. Stratford city centre holds a range of mediocre priced stores, and some in the mall's stalls offering reasonably priced goods.

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    Transport Information

    Stratford acts as a main transportation hub of East London with 5 main stations operating in the area. Following are those five major stations that are operating;

    a) Stratford Regional

    b) Stratford International

    c) Stratford High Street

    d) Pudding Mills Lane

    e) Maryland Station

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    A major campus of University of East London and BirkBeck College which is associate college of UOL are operating in Stratford. A new university will also be built near Olympics park right after the 2012 Olympic games.

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