List of Dance Bars in London

Those who are fond of dance clubs, British capital, will never upset them. The city that is famous for its night life has many terrific dance bars. These dance bars are permanent dwellings of party lovers, which specially crash on such venues on weekend nights. A wide range of beverages and different music are the highlights of these dance bars. Some of these dance bars also offer variety of cuisines along with drinks and music, which party lovers can enjoy late till night and in some cases until morning. If you are looking to tap your feet on vibrant music and looking for few dance bars in British capital, to make your hunt more convenient here is step by step list of  dance bars in London.


  • 1

    Escape Bar, is boutique show bar that is located in the heart of Soho. The club offers electrifying environment for dance lovers.

  • 2

    Barcode Vauxhall, is one of the leading dance bars in London that have masculin edge over other clubs.

  • 3

    The Elusive Camel Victoria, is a pub in Victoria. As it is also falls in the category of dance bar therefore guests also entertains themselves by dancing and enjoying variety of drinks.

  • 4

    The White Swan, is a gay dance bar that is quite famous among the gay people of London.

  • 5

    Floridita, is a great venue where guests can enjoy live music along with variety of beverages and food items.

  • 6

    Juno, offer homemade burgers, bar snacks and sharing platters together with music and drinks.

  • 7

    Cable Club, is another name in the long list of the dance bars in London that maintains a good repute amongst its visitors.

  • 8

    Alchemist Bar, has no refurbished their venue that gives you a chic and welcoming feel. Here you will find wide range of cocktails.

  • 9

    JuJu, is a multi-award winner dance bar that has space to accommodate nearly 80 guests with Djs playing different music.

  • 10

    Raduno, is a dance bar with 3 floors, one for dine and drink, second floor is alounge, set to chill out and third floor is dedicated for dance.

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