Registration Of Cooling Towers In London

Registration of cooling towers in London applies to an entity which is involved in controlling non-domestic premises. Such an entity must make sure that it has informed the local authorities of any evaporative condenser or cooling tower on the premises. Notification must be submitted in writing on an approved form by the Health and Safety Executive. In case of any further change after the submission of the notification, the changes should be informed to the authorities as soon as possible. The idea behind the notification is to recognize potential areas that could increase the spread of infections like Legionella. Therefore, a timely notification will allow the authorities to take adequate preventative measures to eradicate the risk of infection arising in employees and other people. Those who are interested to know more about the registration of cooling towers in the British capital, see the details in this guide.


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    Eligibility Criteria

    Following is the eligibility criteria of registration of the cooling towers:

    - Number of cooling towers installed at a building must be specified on the notification form.

    - No fee will be charged for the notification.

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    How to Send Registration of Cooling Towers:

    Request for the registration of cooling towers at a premises can made either by post or by visiting in person the local office of your council. Do not forget to check whether your local council offers online submission facility for registeration of cooling towers or not.

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    Contact your Local Council:

    In order to get in touch with your local council for the registeration of cooling towers, click here.

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    Application Evaluation Process:

    The notification of registration of the cooling towers in London cannot be refused. In case if a notification does lack full information, the authorities will contact the relevant person right away to complete or correct the details. After the notification gets completed, the information on it will be recorded on the database of the public register and local authority within a period of 28 days. In addition to the notification, the premises will also be inspected by the authorities to ensure safety.

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    Tacit Consent:

    Tacit consent applies in this, therefore a person can operate such equipment if the local authorities did not process the notification with the specified period (28 days). However, this does not mean that the business meets all safety measures.

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