Visit 2012 London Olympics Venues

Nothing compares the fun and excitement that comes with enjoying the London Olympic 2012 with one’s family and kids. Sports enthusiasts from London and the rest of the whole world can make their way to any of the London Olympics 2012 venue along with their children to satisfy their quest for motivating their teams during the grand sports gala.

The Olympic games organizers have made it sure to provide spectators with a smooth and comfortable access to the venue by laying out a detailed and comprehensive guideline for them. Visitors especially those with kids or family should adhere to the travelling and safety and security instructions to avoid any inconvenience for your kids and your own self.


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    Travelling with children on Trains, coaches and buses

    If you have a ticket for London 2012 event then you will receive a free games travel card. Buses with low-floors are made to accommodate wheel chairs and can also allow pushchairs. However, in case of space constraints the priority will be given to wheelchairs and pushchair owners will be asked to fold and wrap up their push chairs.

    All London trains including underground, over-ground and light rail have seats clearly marked for passengers with a difficulty to stand as well as those having children. So, in when travelling with children less than an year, you can have seat on priority basis on trains.

    In case, if you missed the free travel card for games, you can also avail the Olympic Games Coach Service which directly picks up and drops at the Olympic venues. Book your seats for coach travel through, which has dedicated service for 2012 games.

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    Arriving at the venue

    There will be long queues at the venue. Be prepared to wait for your turn to get to your seat. Besides that, it's advised to check out the venue details prior to visiting, so you can plan alternatives. Do check out details about Venues in London Olympic Park, ExCel Exhibition Centre, Earl's Court Exhibition Centre before planning a visit.

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    Parents with Babies

    Babies of 12 months or under will be given a free access in to the venue with Wembley Stadium, St James' Park, Old Trafford and North Greenwich Arena where even babies are given a ticketed entry. It is to be made sure that babies are safely tucked into your or caretaker’s lap and tied properly with a strap or baby carrier. A container of maximum 1 litre capacity per baby is to be allowed with baby food or milk in it. Not to worry about baby changing facility in the venue.

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    Food at the venue

    You need not worry about getting hungry during the sports, each venue has enough for your entertainment.

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    Adherence to safety and security regulations

    Olympics organizers have set up extensive security measures for the games, and you must follow the guidelines provided by them. Find complete details about safety and security regulations for 2012 Olympics.

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