How to Get Costa Rica Tourist Visit Visa from London

The Central American country, Costa Rica is home of multilingual, multicultural and multiethnic people. The amazing biodiversity and variable weather of the country offers a huge number of travel destinations to explore and enjoy. Due to excellent economic growth there is peace all round in the country and it helped a lot in the development of its tourism. It is because of this superb environment that several adventurers come here every year to explore some of the most challenging and remote places to reach. The top destinations of tourists in Costa Rica are dense cloud forests, refreshing waterfalls, scenic beach, where visitors can not only surf but also experience a vivacious night life. If you are willing to spend your next holidays in Costa Rica then, step by step guide can help you get the tourist visa of this state from London.


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    National of Great Britain do not require tourist visa of Costa Rica for up to 90 days stay. Other nationals need to complete all requirements to get the tourist visa of Costa Rica.

    Provide a valid passport that must have at least six months validity beyond date of entry or visa issue.
    Provide the copy of itinerary provided to applicant by his or her travel agency such as pre-paid airplane (flight) or bus ticket to exit Costa Rica.

    Additional requirement, if a visa is required:
    Completed and signed visa application form.
    1 color passport size photo (2 in. X 2 in.)
    Provide proof of sufficient funds for stay in Costa Rica (fresh bank statement).
    Provide evidence of purpose of visit to Costa Rica.
    Additional supporting papers may be demanded at the Consulate’s own discretion.

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    Visa Application Form

    Tourist visa application of Costa Rica is available with the Embassy of Costa Riuca in London. Applicants can get it from the embassy at the following address.

    Visit: Costa Rican Embassy
    download it from here.

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    Visa Fee

    The tourist visa charges of Costa Rica may vary as per nationality of the applicant therefore, contact Embassy of Costa Rica in London (address is given above) to know about the exact fee.

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    Mode of Payment

    Exact mode of payment can also be learnt from the Consular desk at the Embassy of Costa Rica (address is given above).

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    Applicants can visit in person Embassy of Costa Rica to submit their visa application along with the supporting documents. Or gain information from the Consular desk at Embassy about the other ways of submission.

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    Processing Time

    Processing period may vary, depending on nationality. In normal cases it takes roughly one day to two weeks time for processing a visa application, however authorization for some countries may take longer. Contact Consular at Costa Rica embassy in London for more information.

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    Collect Visa

    Visas can be collected from where the applicants have deposited or sent their documents, as per the instructions of the Costa Rica embassy in London.

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