List of Criminal Attorneys in London

Criminal law is one of the major branches of the Law in the UK. That is why specialized criminal attorney’s in London deal with criminal law cases that can include various offenses including fraud, money laundering, rape, sexual abuse, murder, terrorism, assaults, domestic violence, drug related incidents, people trafficking, thefts and major driving offenses. A criminal attorney has on his desk many clients that are dealing with either minor problems like shop lifting to major issues like murder. That is why an experienced criminal solicitor is a good idea if you are facing charges that are criminal in nature. The many years of practice make good lawyers adept at filing paper work, litigation and finding expert witnesses which can help their clients case.


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    Corker Binning, is ideally located across the Royal Courts of Justice in London. They deal in fraud, regulatory litigation and general criminal cases for clients.

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    Old Bailey Solicitors, are a specialist criminal defense attorneys that have worked on various different types of cases. They are experienced in criminal law involving fraud, money laundering, confiscation, restraint and forfeiture, rape, sexual abuse, murder, terrorism, assaults and many other unusual offences.

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    Mackesys Solicitors, are located in South London and have been a leading criminal firm in the area for 25 years. The practice holds four Criminal Contracts awarded by the Legal Services Commission and deal in common crimes to more serious offenses including rape and murder.

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    Tuckers Solicitors, are a top notch firm that deal in criminal litigation. They also have expertise in dealing with court martial, traffic violations and civil liberties cases.

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    Hodge Jones & Allen LLP, is a firm that offers several different services including criminal defence. The experienced firm offers practical and efficient advice and representation to their clients in London.

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    Wilson Solicitors LLP, deal in criminal, family and immigration law. They pay close attention to their clients needs and try to get the best results from litigation.

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    Mary Monson, focuses on the criminal defence for many crimes. The firm has been practicing law for 40 years and have worked on some of the most complicated cases in London.

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