Caribbean Restaurants & Take Aways in London

You can found Caribbean food lovers in almost every part of the world, as these cuisines are a blend of British, African, Spanish, Indian, Chinese, French, Dutch and Amerindian foods. The reason behind this fusion was the population of Caribbean that came from the different parts of the world and also brought their traditions with them.

The official national dish of Montserrat (British overseas territory located in the island nation of Caribbean) is a Caribbean version of goat stew. This is also one of the most favourite dishes in Nevis and St. Kitts.

As far as, desert is concerned, in various areas Black Cake has lot of admiration and people of Caribbean loves to serve it on special occasions. This Black Cake recipe was derived from English Christmas pudding. While in the Cayman Islands, cake made from condensed rum is well-liked among the locals and tourists. This cake is called the Rum Cake.

Since Caribbean dishes also have an English touch to their recipes, therefore, it wouldn’t be a problem to find a Caribbean restaurant in London. Following are the steps that will lead you to some quality Caribbean eating places, if you are in London, United Kingdom.


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    Mango Room

    If you are looking for French-influenced Caribbean food then Mango Room is the place that one can barely miss. Main menu of the restaurant comprises of, grilled tiger prawns, snapper and sea bass (£14). However, the most favourite dish of this restaurant is Camden's famous curry goat worth £10.50. The dish also includes scallions, glazed carrots, potatoes and Caribbean spices.

    The restaurant is situated at 10-12 Kentish Town Road, London, United Kingdom.

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    Ace Fusion

    If you are seeking fusion of Caribbean, English and African food then your destination is Ace Fusion. The menu include some amazing dishes like curry goat worth £11.95, garlic prawns cost £12.95 and West Indian hummus price £4.75. However, be wary of the Ace Fusion rum punch, which is delicious and at the same time extremely fatal.

    The restaurant is located at 110 St. John's Hill, London, United Kingdom.

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    Bamboula Jerk Kitchen

    Bamboula Jerk Kitchen which is situated at 12 Acre Lane London, United Kingdom, is a place that one can barely miss. The reason is it’s pulsating exterior that will immediately catch your eye.

    The restaurant is well known for it’s jerk dishes like the guava-glazed jerk lamb cost £9.35 and Bamboula flamed jerk chicken value £8.25. Also don’t forget to try chicken rundown that comes along with creamy garlic, coconut and white wine sauce worth £8.80.

    Apart from the main course the restaurant offers a wonderful Blue Mountain coffee in hot beverages.

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