How to Apply to the House of Lords in London

The Upper House of British Parliament is known as the House of Lords. The adherents of the House of Lords are appointed on two designations; Lords Spiritual or Lords Temporal. There are 26 Lords Spiritual who make their way into the House of Lords due to their religious stature in the Church of England. Few members are appointed as the Lords Temporal, due to their birth rights called hereditary rights, while the rest are life peers appointed by the Monarch on Prime Minister’s advice, or on the recommendation of the House of Lords Appointments Commission. The Appointment Commission is a non-departmental independent public body. It was established by the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister in the year 2000. The Appointment Commission has seven members, which also includes the chair. The whole purpose of the appointment commission is to put forward individuals for appointment as non-party-political life peers, and to scrutinize nominees as life peers.  In order to be selected by the Appointment Commission for becoming a member, one has to be at least 21-years-old, and by nationality the candidates should be British, Irish or a Commonwealth citizen. However, if someone is not residing in UK for tax reasons, then he/she would not be considered eligible.


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    Individuals who are capable of contributing towards the House of Lords; both in their specific fields of interest, or any issues or matters that are under consideration with the House.

  • 2

    People who are competent and possess brilliant achievements in their field or career.

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    Individuals who are able to contribute requisite time to the House that is necessary for the work of House.

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    Those who have know-how of the British Constitution and the House, and demonstrate abilities that are useful to become a member of the House.

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    Strong or independent personality is also required.

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    Those who do not represent any political party or political agenda.

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    Those who are presently residing in the UK for Tax purposes and intend stay in future as well.

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