Chesham Tube Station in London

Chesham tube station is based in Chesham market, which is a less populated area than any other part of London. Station serves as terminal point of the Metropolitan Underground service. It is the farthest tube station from central London and also has 3.8 miles distance from its nearest point, Chalfont and Latimer station. Technically, it lies in travel card zone 9 and considered as least used terminal in entire underground system. It serves only 0.46 million passengers in a single year. Station was opened in 8 July 1889 as a part of Metropolitan Railway. Later, it was handed over to London Underground, which included new facilities in the overall structure of the station to make it feasible with the modern era. These include toilets, payphone, car parking, waiting room and gates. However, commuters can enter and exit the station from Station Road. Places to explore near Chesham Tube Station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops

    Hunger is linked to your taste buds and taste buds are something that can become active any time. But if you have a wide range of options in your surroundings, you cannot refuse these blessings.

    Chesham Tandoori, Rajasthan Restaurant, The Drawingroom

    Coffee Shops
    Starbucks Coffee, Caffe Nero

  • 2

    Clubs & Bars

    Although tube station is located in less populated area, it still fulfill the entertainment needs of its residents. This station is surrounded by many clubs and bars, where commuters can have a glee of night life.

    Bruce Glenister, The Misty Moon, Nail & Tanning Bar, Waterside Sandwich Bar & The Red Lion.

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    Hotels & Accommodations

    As the station is located far away from Central London, commuters may need have a temporary residence, before moving forward to their final destination. This place is heaven for such travellers. It provides a number of hotels and guest houses, where passengers can stay for a short period of time.

    Thomson - Chesham, Physique Chesham, Butterfly Print & Design, Katsina Bed & Breakfast & Thomas Cook.

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    Sights and Attractions

    It is an open and quiet area, which has parks, ancient churches, monuments and museums. Residents of this area or travelers can make their evening memorable by making a visit to any of these sights.

    Chesham Museum, The Drawingroom & Lowndes Park.

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    Educational Institutes

    Education is a basic need of every citizen and he or she should have this facility in the nearest location. The residents of this area are lucky because they have pre-schools, colleges and higher schools in the vicinity of this rapid transit.

    Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery, Chesham Eleven Plus, Maths and English Tuition, La Jolie Ronde Languages For Children, Chesham Grammar School, Thomas Harding Junior School & White Hill.

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    Gift & Bookshops

    There are number of book shops and gift centre that serves throughout the working hour and cater the needs of book lovers and those who want to buy gift for their relatives, kids or someone special.

    Waterstone's Booksellers Ltd, Waterstone's, The Chesham Bookshop, The Gift Shop & Cox the Saddler.

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    Health & Beauty Services

    Beauty and fitness plays an important part in one’s life regardless of its age, gender and work. It has arised the need of beauty services and health centres in almost every corner of London. This area also has decent gyms, beauty services and health clubs.

    Chesham Moor Gym & Swim, Physique Chesham, The Lemon Rooms, Principal Hairdressing & Flix Hair & Beauty.

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    Emergency Services

    It is the duty of the district administration to provide safety and protection to the citizens. As this area is relatively less populated than other parts of London, it has very few emergency services.

    Chesham Fire Station

  • 9

    Hospitals & clinics

    Unlike emergency services, this area provides complete health services to its residents. There are two hospitals and three clinics that are working closer to this station and can provide immediate aid to patients.
    Chesham Hospital, SHJ Hospital Pipelines Ltd., The Wellspring, Edmond Williams & Market Square Dental Practice.

  • 10

    Childcare Centres

    There are hundreds of child care centre that you can find in the Buckinghamshire but if you are using Chesham tube station, it will be helpful for you to know the closest ones. Here are some of the childcare centres that lie closer to this station.

    Jo Jingles, Teddies Nurseries Chesham Bois, Doodlebugs Playschool, Northend Playgroup & Price Tracy.

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