How To Get Private Hire Licence In London

Private Hire or Mini-cabs are a London speciality. They differ from regular taxis and will only service clients on a booking. Customers usually have to call a private hire firm that will then send the mini-cab to their location with a driver. London heavily regulates its livery industry and private hire come under the supervision of London Taxis and Private Hire (LTPH). Recently LTPH was given over to Transport for London (TfL) and controls all the licensing of drivers and cars. They make sure that drivers are knowledgeable and fit to drive. They also certify that the cabs themselves are in good working condition. No private hire in London can operate without a licence from the correct authorities.


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    Types of Licence

    There are only two kinds of Private Hire licences available. The first is the small licence which is only applicable for companies that have just two cars available for use. The Standard operators licence allows an unlimited number of vehicles to be employed. These are not interchangeable and applicants must make sure that they are choosing the correct one.

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    Application Pack

    Once you have decided which licence to go for, download the PHV pack. Read the instructions carefully and fill out all the details completely. The pack will contain the following forms:

    - Application Form (PHV/101)
    - Personal Declaration Form (PHV/103)
    - Operating Centre Information Form (PHV/108)

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    Further requirments

    Other than the forms, there is also a need to include your fees for the application, and the correct permissions for the use of your office space for private hire.

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    The application fees and licencing fee for small operators is £1253.00. The price for a standard operator is  £2410.00.

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    Submitting application

    You should send the application forms and all the other documents that are required to the address mentioned below.

    PHV Operator Licensing , TfL - London Taxi and Private Hire, Palestra, 4th Floor (Green Zone), 197 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8NJ, United Kingdom.

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    The application takes 16 weeks to process. You should expect to hear from the authorities within this time.

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