About The London Restaurant Festival

The London Restaurant Festival is a unique event that takes place in the British Capital and has nearly 500 participating venues. The event tries to give people a chance to taste different menus of restaurants that they normally would not go to. Basically, the festival is an effort to make dining out an experience to remember, while giving a boost to the exposure of the participating restaurants. The participating restaurants create special menus that usually have reduced prices and offer customers the best of their dishes. People who attend the festival can choose from any of the different restaurants, cuisines and budgets available at the festival. There are also debates, talks and demonstrations to help publicize the event.

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    The London Restaurant Festival was started in 2009 and has grown tremendously in popularity and participants. The event was a brain child of Fay Maschler and Simon Davis. Nearly 400 venues participated in the event and 10,000 meals were served during the first time the event was organised. The next year saw an increase in participants, and 600 restaurants took part in the event as 30,000 meals were sold. The event has showcased London as a top notch culinary destination and has provided customers with experiences that they never knew existed in the city. 

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    The festival can be divided into two parts: Festival menu and Event Menus. Festival menu has special dishes put together by the participating restaurants. Customers can go to the eatery and order them any time during the festival.

    The Event menu is one that is served during different events including talks, debates and demonstrations. There is also a side order, or smaller events that take place alongside larger events.

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    Important Dates

    Autumn - September is when the Festival Menus are listed and bookings for restaurants can be made. The actual event takes place in the first two weeks of October from 3 – 17 October.

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    The event is two weeks long and takes place in October.

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    How To Contact

    If you require more information or want to particpate in the festival, you can contact the organizers at the following:
    Email: info@londonrestaurantfestival.com
    Contact: +44 207 259 0940

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    The event itself has no specific location and the restaurants change each year. The organizers are located at the following address:

    St Michael’s House, 2, Elizabeth St, London SW1W 9RB, United Kingdom.

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    How to get there

    If you want to reach the event organizers location you can use both tube and bus.

    By Tube:

    Visitors can use Sloan Square tube station to get to the festival organizer's office. From the station, travelers should make their way Southeast on Holbein Pl towards Whittaker St. Then turn left onto Whittaker St, continue onto Chester Row and after that, turn right onto Elizabeth St. After covering a little distance, you will find the destination on your left. View Map.

    By Bus:

    Ebury Street (Stop)‎‎ is the closes TfL stop. You can use bus number C1 to get there.

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