How to Get Rwanda Tourist Visit Visa from London

Republic of Rwanda a country in central and eastern Africa with a population of approximately 11.4 million has got numerous attractions. This small country has attracted several leading documentary making agencies of the world and so is the case with tourists from across the globe. If you are living in London and planning to visit Rwanda, you are required to have tourist visa. The tourist visa of Rwanda can be claimed after fulfilling the legal requirements. Step by step brings you the procedure of getting the visit visa with a great ease.

Visit: Embassy Of The Republic Of Rwanda


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    Application Form

    Application form can be obtained from the embassy of Rwanda in London. It can also be downloaded from their website. To download the visit visa of Rwanda click here
    You can also apply for a visa online and the fee will be paid upon arrival in Rwanda. To apply online click here

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    a) Applicant must provide a valid passport for at least six months.
    Application must be completed. No incomplete applications are acceptable.
    c) Two passport photographs with white background and both ears in view.
    d) Signed application explaining the purpose for travelling to Rwanda.
    e) Proof of payment for the visa fee. The fee is non refundable.

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    Fee and submission

    a) Single entry Visa, Transit/Conference is 20 GBP
    b) Multiple entry for one month will cost you 40 GBP
    c) No cash or cheques for Visa applications to accepted by High commission.

    The visa fee can be submitted to the following details:
    High Commission of Rwanda
    Consular Account A/C No. 31437933
    Sort Code: 40-05-22
    IBAN No. GB30MIDL40052231437933
    SWIFT Code. MIDLGB22
    Address: HSBC Bank 18A
    Curzon Street London W1J 7LA

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    Submission of Application Forms

    The application can be submitted in person, via postal order or by online service at Embassy Of The Republic Of Rwanda.  If you submit by post you need a stamped, your addressed and registered envelope must be included with an application submitted by mail. UK Residents Only- Non-UK Residents must pay an additional £6.50 for postage.

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    Processing time

    The visa process takes 24 hours and 48 Hours for Travel Documents for a complete file.

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    Receive visa

    In the last step you are required to receive the visa by the same channel you have applied for it.

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