How to Respond to Racial Assault in London

Half the world remembers Jade Goody’s racist remarks against Shilpa Shetty on reality TV show Big Brother in 2007 – an act which surfaced the deeply under-lying racism issues that UK, including London, is plagued by. Although more than 3500 complaints were received for the contestant’s act, showing intolerance for such remarks, but it signified how common racism has now become. Starting from cases as early as the 1900s and now with an influx of immigrants of other nationalities, it has become a note-worthy problem, especially after the 7 July 2005 train bombings in London. Racial assault can be at work places, in schools and/or at roadsides and can take the form of, including but not limited to, religious racism, ethnic/cultural racism, and racism based on one’s skin color. It is highly upsetting for someone in case of a racial assault, and this article will tell you how to respond to it.


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    The first thing to do is take a few deep breaths in case you have, or are being, assaulted on the basis of your race. The purpose of such a comment is to upset you. Don’t let that happen. Stay calm and don’t let a petty racist dictate your state of mind.

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    Once you have gathered your cool, you can either choose to ignore the assault or respond to it in a befitting manner. But be aware that choosing the latter may end up in a serious brawl because the racist will want to respond back.

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    If the racist remark is carried out with a violent physical act, it is best to defend yourself and immediately seek help. Don’t let the nutcase strip you off your dignity. Show grace at all times and report the matter to the police at your earliest. Try and get away from the situation, and if you can’t, fight back as best as you can and stay firm. To know about the nearest Metropolitan police station follow this link.

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    In case the victim is somebody else, depending on the situation, you should try and help them. If the racist and victim are in a fight or in imminent danger, immediately call 999 and inform them (the emergency number of Met Office). But if it was a comment and a one off incident, suggest the victim to ignore it.

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