Tottenham Court Road Tube Station London

With its location on the main Tottenham Court Road in Central London, this station stands among the busiest stations of London Underground system. Since its start on 30 July 1900 to serve Central London Railway, the station has been consistently serving Londoners. Originally, it was built in Oxford Street but in 1908, an interchange was laid down to connect Central line with the southbound Northern line (Tottenham Court Road) from which it takes its name. Since then, the station serves as a junction between Northern and Central line and serves about 35 million commuters in a single year. The station has four platforms that provide entrance from six different directions.

Users can enter and exit the station from Centre Point, Charring Cross Road & Andrew Borde Street, New Oxford Street & Charring Cross Road, Oxford Street, Tottenham Court Road and Tottenham Court Road & New Oxford Street. These large number of entrances are needed to handle the crowds that use the stop daily.


  • 1

    Restaurants & Coffee

    As you leave tube station, you land on a road which is full of restaurants and coffee shops. With more than 50 restaurants and coffee shops working in its vicinity, station offers a wide range of options to commuters.


    Paramount, Centre Point Food Store, McDonald's Oxford Street, The Tottenham & Gay Hussar

  • 2

    Clubs & Bars

    This area is also full of clubs and bars. There are number of night life spots, where you can visit to have some of the best entertainment.

    Ghetto, 12 Bar Club, The Blow Up Metro Club, The Astoria & Sin

  • 3

    Hotels & Accommodation

    Tottenham Court Road Tube station is working in the galaxy of hotels. Many hotels and guest houses has their branches in this area. While staying there you can have complete privacy and relaxation with superb accommodation.

    London Hotel Direct, Apartment Centre, Little Rates - Oxford street Hotel, Hazlitt's Hotel & The Bloomsbury Hotel London

  • 4

    Sights and Attractions

    The station has almost everything in its vicinity. You can find Soho Square Garden, Dominion theatre, Elms Lester's Painting Rooms and many other places of attraction.

    Soho square garden, Elms Lester's Painting rooms, Atrium Ltd & The Edge Soho

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    Educational Institutes near Tottenham Court Road Tube Station

    How can it be possible that you are traveling through one of the busiest stations in London and struggling to find the educational institutions near to it. The nearby area of this station has almost all type of education including schools, college, universities, adult and technical education.

    Oxford House College London, Successful Flare, London Learning Centre & Avalon School of English

  • 6

    Gift & Bookshops

    If you can find numerous educational places in this area, you'd also find many gift and book shops. This area offers a gift shop on almost each nearby road.

    Souvenirs Of London, Crest Of London Ltd, Fancy That of London Souvenirs, Hot Souvenirs Of London & Arthur Probsthain

  • 7

    Health & Beauty Services

    A multitude of health and beauty services is available near Tottenham Court Road Tube station. So, it would be helpful for all those who want to maintain their beauty and physical appearance.

    Central YMCA Club, Virgin Active, Aveda Institute, Good Vibes Fitness & Nuffield Health

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    Emergency Services

    City government has provided ambulance, police stations, fire brigade and other emergency services near this station. The closest emergency service is Medical depatch ambulance service. However, all other that lie in walking distance to the station are given below.

    Medical Despatch Ambulance Services Ltd, UK Emergency Medical Response, West End Central Police Station, Fire Risk Safety & Soho Fire Station

  • 9

    Hospitals & clinics

    The busy area around this tube station has number of private and government hospitals and clinics. Some of the closest ones which can be helpful, if you or any of your relative, friend or acquaintance requires treatment or advise.

    The Hospital Club, 56 Dean Street, Oasis Orthopedic Hospital, 1st Contact, Travel Clinic & Soho Dental

  • 10

    Shopping Malls

    The location of the station makes it the best place for Shopping malls because it has a number of buildings in its surroundings. Some of the buildings serves as a shopping malls while others have some designated floors for shopping centres.

    The Plaza, Sony Centre, Vintage Seekers Ltd, Thomas Neal's Centre & St Martin's Courtyard

  • 11

    Childcare Centers

    In this highly populated area, many childcare centres are ready to take care of your child for whole day. You can leave your child in any of nearest centre and can easily rely on their services.

    St. Josephs After School Club, Little Ones, Nannies Incorporated, 1ST Choice , Au Pairs London & Tigerlily Childcare London Nanny Agency

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