How To Register A Birth In London

The birth of a child is one of the unforgettable and memorable moments in any parents life. Unless the mother and father have gone through child birth before, most parents are unprepared for the changes and responsibility a  new baby brings. Many new parents expect to spend extra hours caring, feeding and loving their child but most are ignorant about the paperwork involved at birth. One import aspect is the registering the birth in London if you are a resident of the city. This allows the child all the rights of citizenship and other support and benefits from the government. It is also an important piece of identity proof and a record. The registration of birth must be done properly so that issues do not crop up later in life. If you are a fresh parent, then check out the step by step guide on how to register a birth in London to get your child started on the right path.


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    Different options for registeration

    After the birth of the child, a parent can register with in the district they reside. The registration process can be executed at either the hospital that delivered the baby or at the local register office.

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    Register Office

    If your child has been born in either England or Wales, you must register them there. In most cases if you are unable to reach your local register office you can go to the one closest to you and they can send the forms to the appropriate office.

    Do remember that an appointment is usually required to meet a staffer at the register office.

    Go here to locate the appropriate one and get contact details.

    Click Here if you live in Scotland and want to find out about the register office. Click Here if you reside in Northern Ireland.

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    Not all hospitals have the facility to register your new born child. The hospital administration can inform you about the possibility and offer guidance.

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    Time Frame

    This is an important aspect of registration and parents must make sure that  they register the birth of their child within 42 days.

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    People allowed to register birth

    The government has specific rules as to who can register a child's birth. The details are below:

    Married Couple

    If the mother and father of a baby are married, anyone of them can register birth by visiting.

    Un-Married couple

    For parents who are not married, the options are different. The parents can walk in together and sign the forms so that they are included on the birth certificate. However, if one of the parents is unable to get to the register office the other parent can register as long as they have a statutory declaration form for submission. Lastly, any father or mother that has a parental responsibility agreement or court order can register as long as they present the documents from the court.


    If the father is not present at the time of registration, he can get his name added after wards. If neither of the parents are present then a person who is taking responsibility of the child, a person attending the birth or people who occupied the house or hospital of birth can register.

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    Time Frame

    The registration process takes almost thirty minutes.

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    After Registration

    Immediately after the registration process is completed a 'Short Birth Certificate' will be allotted. However, you will need to order a proper birth certificate separately. This is required for several important reasons including child benefits, schooling and passports.

    You can go here for more details on ordering a birth certificate in London.

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