Things to Do When it Rains in London

Rain is considered to be a normal routine in the Capital City of the United Kingdom, as it comes occasionally. People are busy in their normal routine on daily basis but especially on weekends, they plan to visit somewhere to enjoy their free time, and the rain adds more charm to that. Londoners and visitors usually seek sheltered places to visit, while it rains. There are so many things which you can do, you can plan an indoor activity, plan a tour to explore the city, or visit some cool and calm locations to enjoy the rainy day. You just don’t need to feel bore or fed up during the times, there are plenty of things than can be done to entertain yourself and your families, when it rains.


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    Visit Museum & Galleries, because it can be a perfect option for you, if you are interested in culture and history. A large number of historical museums and galleries are located in different areas of London. 

    Whitechapel Gallery
    Location: 77-82 Whitechapel High Street, E1 7QX, United Kingdom. View Map
    Contact: +44 20 7522 7888 ‎
    Visit Whitechapel Gallery Website

    London Motor Museum
    Location: 3 Nestle's Avenue, Hayes, UB3 4SB. View Map
    Contact: +44 800 195 0777 ‎
    Visit London Motor Museum Website

    National Portrait Gallery
    Saint Martin's Place, London WC2H 0HE, United Kingdom. View Map
    +44 20 7306 0055 ‎
    Visit National Portrait Gallery

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    Shopping from an Indoor Market or Mall, which has indoor areas to spend some time, without being effected by rainy season. Camden Market has some indoor sections and cafes.

    Camden Market, London
    Location: W R D Worldwide Music Ltd, 282 Camden Rd, London NW1 8AH, United Kingdom. View Map
    Contact: +44 20 7284 2084 ‎
    Visit Camden Market Website

    Broadwalk Shopping Center Edgware
    The Broadwalk Centre, Station Road, London HA8 7BD, United Kingdom. View Map
    +44 20 8905 6303 ‎
    Visit Broadwalk Shopping Center Website

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    Take a Bus and Explore the City, when it rains it can be a perfect option. You can take a trip from normal route buses which go from one end of the city to the other. You will be able to see many different places in your way.

    Checkout from here the routes of buses.

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    Plan an Indoor Fun or Recreational Activity, which can be done at your own place with friends and family. You can play an indoor game, watch TV or arrange music and dance classes. You can also visit to the centers which offer these services.

    The Games Ltd
    Location: Southern Perimeter Road, Hounslow, TW6 3AE, United Kingdom. View Map

    Heathrow Gymnastics Club
    Green Lane, Hounslow TW4 6DH, United Kingdom. View Map
    +44 20 8569 5069 ‎
    Visit Heathrow Gymnastic Club Website

    Alan's Music Centre
    Station Parade Clarendon Rd, Station Parade, Ashford, Middlesex TW15 2RX, United Kingdom. View Map
    +44 1784 421300

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    Visit a Restaurant or Bar, for some fine tastes in sea foods, hot beverages and anything that you are interested in. It can be found all over the London including coffee shops, bars, restaurants and pubs offering a huge range of beverages and plenty of food stuff to enjoy.

    Caviar House & Prunier UK Ltd
    Location: Bldg 253, Ely Road, London Heathrow Airport, Hounslow, Middlesex TW6 2RF, United Kingdom. View Map
    Contact: +44 20 8754 8497 ‎
    Visit Caviar House & Prunier UK Ltd Website

    Local Friends Chinese Restaurant
    Location: 28 North End Road, London, Greater London NW11 7PT, United Kingdom. View Map
    Contact: +44 20 8455 9258 ‎
    Visit: Chinese Restaurant website

    EAT, located on several locations in London.
    Visit EAT Website

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