Unicorn Theatre for Children London

Unicorn Theatre in London is a famous venue of performing arts for children, as it is a dedicated site for the audience between 2 to 21 years of age. Due to the high standards of Unicorn Theatre, this venue is considered as one of the world’s best sites for children’s theatre. Children can enjoy all the amenities in this award winning building which is divided into various spaces. It has two theatres spaces, a rehearsal room, an education studio and a meeting room and a cafe from where children and the audience can grab something for a quick bite.

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    History of Unicorn Theatre for Children:

    The Unicorn Theatre for Children was opened back in 2005 for an audience aged below 21 years. This theatre was originally founded by Caryl Jenner in 1947 and at that time, it was a mobile theatre. Later in 1961, Jenner started presenting stage shows and theatres related to children at the Arts Theatre, which was located in the West End of the capital. However, when the company took over the lease of this theatre, it became the permanent address of the Unicorn performing arts.

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    Things to Do at Unicorn Theatre for Children:

    - See children’s theatre, in which they are the actors and they are the audience.

    - Children can learn, create and enjoy performances by taking part in theatres and shows presented at Unicorn Theatre for Children.

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    How to Contact Unicorn Theatre for Children:

    In order to contact the administration of Unicorn Theatre for Children, or to make enquiries regarding tickets, private hire or to know about the box office, people can use the data provided below:


    Contact:+44 20 7645 0500 (cannot use this number to buy tickets)
    Email: admin@unicorntheatre.com

    Box Office & Performance Enquiries

    Contact: +44 20 7645 0560
    Email: boxofficestaff@unicorntheatre.com

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    Operational Hours of Unicorn Theatre for Children:

    Those who want to learn about the operational hours of Unicorn Theatre for Children should get in touch with its administration to know the exact timings.

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    Location of Unicorn Theatre for Children:

    147 Tooley Street, Southwark, London SE1 2HZ, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Unicorn Theatre for Children:

    By Tube

    London Bridge tube station is about 0.4 miles away from the Unicorn Theatre for Children and this gap can covered in 8 minutes on foot. If commuters head northeast on Borough High Street/A3 towards Duke Street Hill/A200 from London Bridge tube station and then turn right onto Duke Street Hill/A200. Then, continue to follow A200 and then turn left onto Vine Lane, they will find the destination in front of them. Directions from London Bridge tube station to Unicorn Theatre for Children.

    By Bus

    Bermondsey, Tooley Street City Hall (Stop M) is 164 feet away from Unicorn Theatre for Children and it can be reached in 38 seconds on foot. If a bus passenger heads west on Tooley Street/A200 towards Vine Lane and then turns right onto Vine Lane, he/she will get to the theatre. To reach this bus stop, people can use bus numbers 47, 343, N47 and RV1. Directions from Bermondsey, Tooley Street City Hall (Stop M) to Unicorn Theatre for Children.

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