Archway Tube Station London

In the North zone of London right beneath 59 meters long Archway Tower, Archway Tube Station is situated. At the 2 Junction Road; which is also famous by the name of Archway, this rapid transit intersects the Highgate Hill, Holloway Road and Junction Road. Archway Tube Station has two platforms and 2 to 3 fare zones. Furthermore, during the initiation ceremony of the underground station, on 22nd of June 1907 it was named as Highgate. But before Archway was finalized, the name of the station was again changed back to Highgate (Archway) in 1939 when the lines of the rail were extended towards the East Finchley. There are many amenities available near this tube station for the convenience of commuters  and locals which include; restaurants, bars, pubs etc. Moreover, Highgate Hill and Junction Road provides direct entrance and exit to the ticket halls of this rapid transit. Places to explore near Archway Tube Station.


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    Restaurants and Coffee Shops

    If you are near Archway Tube Station and waiting for your train, but you desire to have a hot cup of coffee or take away a light meal that will fulfil your appetite, then do take help from the restaurants mentioned as follow:

    500 Restaurant
    Loving Hut
    IL Mio Mosiac
    St Johns Tavern
    McDonald's Restaurants Ltd
    La Voute

    Coffee Shops
    The Junction Cafe
    Cafe Mozart
    Cafe Metro
    La Voute
    High Tea Of Highgate

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    Clubs and Bars

    Within a mile's distance from the Archway rapid transit, there are many beer bars and various sorts of clubs which will give you a chance to relish the entertaining environment, along with some fresh glasses of beer straight from the cask.

    The Archway Tavern
    The Whittington Stone
    St Johns Tavern
    The Lion
    Dusk Till Dawn

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    Hotels and Accommodations

    Are you looking for a bread and breakfast place near Archway Tube Station? If yes, then do check the list of a few comfortable and cosy places for accommodation below.

    Travel 2 Ltd
    London Short Term Lets
    Krystal's Hotel
    St Johns B&B
    Archway Hostel

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    Sites and Attractions

    Luckily, there are many parks near the transit which are definitely the most attractive locations of Archway. If you are at the station, you should definitely visit some of them.

    Archway Park
    Whittington Park
    Dartmouth Park
    Waterlow Park
    Dartmouth Park Pottery

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    Schools and Colleges

    Educational institutes are a basic necessity for any locality to survive - and this is why there are many of them found near Archway Tube Station.

    Monty's Montessori
    English School in London
    Hargrave Park Primary School
    Mount Carmel College for Girls - Islington
    Islngton College

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    Gift Shops and Book Shops

    If a meeting is arranged near the Archway Tube Station with your friend or anyone who is close to your heart, then do check a few gift and book shops so that you can buy something nice in order to make the rendezvous more special.

    Giv Organic Ltd
    India Publication

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    Health and Beauty Services

    In case if your office is close to Archway tube station and you wish to join a gym class or a fitness centre so that you can maintain the perfect tone of your body, then do check a few health and beauty services available near the station.

    Aquaterra Premier Gym
    Dowe Dynamics Gym
    Maximum Fitness
    Matthew Antonio Hair Beauty Nails Tanning Salon
    Kay Jay Hair & Beauty Salon

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    Emergency Services

    God forbid if you are stuck in a hassle and call the helpline of an emergency relief team to rescue you, then the only thing which you wish is that the emergency team arrives at your doorstep as soon as possible. Emergency services that are within a mile's distance from the transit are mentioned as follow:

    Holloway Fire Station
    Metropolitan Police Service
    Holloway Police Station

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    Hospitals and Clinics

    The medical facility is an essential need which cannot be ignored at any cost, which is why every person would prefer a residency near a hospital or clinic which is hardly few minutes away

    Archway Centre
    St John’s Way Medical
    Smilecare Dental Surgery
    Willis a J
    Whittington Hospital

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    Shopping Malls

    The presence of shopping malls near your home or office is a huge blessing since you do not need to drive longer any more in order to shop for important possessions when a mall is nearby you.

    The Nags Head Shopping Center

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    Childcare Centers

    Being a working parent it has become a tough job to leave your kids home with a baby sitter, but what if you find a perfect day care centre near your office, then your life will become much easier and relived.

    Monty's Montessori
    Little Haven Childminders - Islington EYFS

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