Royal Opera House in London

The Royal Opera House, located in Convent Garden, is a performing arts facility that is home to the Royal Opera, Royal Ballet and the Orchestra. The Royal Opera is a landmark in central London and sees thousands of tourists flock its door every year. The venue, known for top notch performances by global stars, is also revered for its architectural design. With severe fires damaging the theater on numerous occasions over its long history, the building has been reconstructed several times and is now an icon of London’s past. Currently, the Royal Opera House can seat 2,256 people at a time and has four different seating levels to view performances. Performances take place all through the year and are influenced by the season or other events. The Royal Opera House hosts not only many traditional performances but contemporary cinema, ballet, opera and drama are also prominently showcased at the venue.

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    History of Royal Opera House:

    Royal Opera House has a long history dating back to the 17th century when the first Theatre Royal was built in 1732 after a successful venture of John Rich, Beggar's Opera.The second Royal theatre was rebuilt in 1808 after a horrible fire and opened in 1809 with the performance of Macbeth. In 1856, the theatre was again destroyed and was redesigned and opened up to the public in 1858. Several renovations have taken place after that and the final face lift was done in the 1990’s. A new addition to the Royal Opera House is the National Skills Academy for Creative & Cultural Skills which should be completed by the end of 2012.

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    Things to See in the Royal Opera House

    - Paul Hamlyn Hall
    - Linbury Studio Theater
    - High House Production Park
    - Clore Studio
    - The Royal Opera Chorus

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    Tickets and Entry Requirements

    Entry to the venue is free and so are some performances, but for others, you may have to buy tickets. Their prices may vary depending on the performance you are going to attend. For tickets, the box office opens from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm and on Sundays, it opens 4 hours before the Main House performances and 2 hours before Linbury or Clore performances.

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    Operational Hours

    Different events have their own operational hours but the public areas open during 10:00 am to 3:30 pm.

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    Contact Details of  Royal Opera House

    Royal Opera House can be contacted through different means if you have any query. This includes either giving them a call or e-mailing on the email address specified below;

    General Enquiries: +44 20 7304 4000
    Ticket Enquiries:+44 20 7212 9268

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    Location of Royal Opera House

    Royal Opera House, Bow Street, Convent Garden, London WC2E 9DD, United Kingdom.

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    How to get to Royal Opera House

    By Tube

    Convent Garden tube station is the nearest London Underground station from Royal Opera House, being only 0.1 mile away and a distance of 3 minutes walk. In order to do get there, you have to walk northeast direction from the roundabout on Long Acre/B402 towards Neal Street and then turn right onto Bow Street and to find Royal Opera House in front of you. Directions from Convent Garden tube station to Royal Opera House.

    By Bus

    Soho, Covent Garden Russell Street (W-bound) is the nearest bus stop to Royal Opera because it is just 420 feet away and by walk you can cover this distance in 1 minute. From this bus stop, move southwest on Russell Street towards Bow Street  then turn right onto Bow street and Royal Opera House will be on your left side. Directions from Soho, Convent Garden Russell Street (W-bound) to Royal Opera House.

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