List of Best Shopping Centers in London

There are some huge shopping centers in London, having a unique theme and specialty. Visitors like to come to these shopping centers because of the expediency of having so many stores and services under one roof. You can find ample car parking, along with lifts and escalators that make shopping quite convenient not only for the regular shoppers, but also disabled and old aged citizens of London.


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    N1 Islington Shopping Centre London

    N1 lstington shopping center has all possible products and services for the visitors. There are some fun places for children so that mothers can easily indulge in some hardcore shopping. With the passage of time, various shops are being added in the shopping center, introducing renowned brands across the globe.

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    The Nags Head Shopping Centre London

    If you are looking to buy a precious gift for your loved ones, or are in a mood to buy fancy newoutfits, then you can find all these amenities at The Nags Head Shopping Centre. The area was well-known because of the presence of The Nag’s Head pub, which does not exist anymore. But it is now resplendent because of a wide range of shops, restaurants, pubs and cinema.

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    Arcadia Shopping Centre London

    Arcadia is a renowned name in retail marketing in London. They are growing at a fast pace and consist of the best-known and prominent high street fashion brands. Some of them are BHS, BURTON, OUTFIT, TOPMAN and many more. In addition, they also provide online facility to ensure their customer service is customized to suit every individual brand.

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    Westfield shopping centre London

    Westfield shopping centre is a huge shopping centre having 5 floors and capacious car parking. They have more than 300 shops, and provide great advantage and ease to customers for some real time shopping under one roof.

  • 5

    London Pavilion Shopping Centre

    London Pavilion Shopping Centre provides a unique experience as compared to the typical shopping centres situated in other areas of London. They arrange various private events, awards, wedding, dinners, conferences, product launching functions and many more. It is mostly used for contemporary events, and can accommodate more than a thousand guests at a time.

  • 6

    The Mall Shopping Centre

    The Mall Shopping Centre is believed to be the largest shopping centers in UK. The management is extremely dedicated and committed to cater to the needs of every customer. You will have an exceptionally dynamic shopping experience in The Mall Shopping Centre.

  • 7

    Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre

    Located in the Borough of Southwark, Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre is an epitome of optimism. There are many retails, offices and leisure venues in the centre. The management is quite competent to fulfill the needs of every individual.

  • 8

    Thomas Neal Shopping Centre

    Thomas Neal Shopping Centre is considered to be the most trendy mall, targeting the needs of a young crowd. There are shops with retro wooden interior that are scattered on two floors of the mall. In addition, a few bars and cafes are also available, providing locally-brewed ale and hot coffee.

  • 9

    Whiteleys Shopping Center

    Whiteleys Shopping Center is believed to be London’s first departmental store, located in the vicinity of Bayswater. There is a wide range of fashion related shops providing cosmetics, fashion accessories, gifts and ornamental items for every age group. You can also find shops of some renowned brands like HMV, Starbucks, and Marks & Spencer.

  • 10

    The Plaza Shopping Centre

    The Plaza Shopping Centre is situated in the vicinity of Oxford Street, which is considered to be a world famous shopping street where more than 80 million people visit every year. You will find some world class fashion brands along with top restaurants in the mall.

  • 11

    Gabriel's Wharf Shopping Centre

    Gabriel’s Wharf comprises of excellent retail design studious, cafes and restaurants. You will find every kind of product ranging from jewelry to clothing and furniture to lighting. The mall does not only attract visitors, but also people working in the vicinity of Gabriel’s Wharf for scrumptious meals and an excellent atmosphere.

  • 12

    West One Shopping Centre

    West One Shopping Centre is located in Central London close to Bond Street underground station and has a huge collection of stores and food outlets. There are shops of some well known brands such as Burton, Accessorize, Marks & Spenser and many more. They believe in providing high quality products on affordable price.

  • 13

    Hay’s Galleria Shopping Centre

    Hay’s Galleria Shopping Centre is the most attractive location for shopping lovers and tourists. For all those shopaholics, Hay’s is the best place to experience real time shopping under its roof. You can find several restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and beauty services in the mall.

  • 14

    Brunswick Shopping Centre

    With its momentous history and superb location, Brunswick Shopping Centre serves its visitors with a unique and splendid shopping experience, along with fantastic bars, restaurants and cafes. It has a vibrant atmosphere and attractive interior that pleases every individual.

  • 15

    Cardinal Place Shopping Centre

    Cardinal Place Shopping Centre comprises of a wide range of offices and retails stores and is located on the back of Westminster Cathedral, close to Victoria Station. It is a huge shopping mall that can entertain more than a thousand visitors. Besides that, their first floor is occupied by some well known companies such as Microsoft, EDF energy and many more.

  • 16

    Fulham Broadway Shopping Centre

    Fulham Broadway Shopping Centre is located in the vicinity of Fulham area of London. There are various amenities for visitors in the mall such as public toilets, ATM’s, lifts and photo booths. Several health clubs, restaurants and high-end fashion outlets are also available for your ease.

  • 17

    Surrey Quays Shopping Centre

    Located in London Docklands, Surrey Shopping Centre is occupied with high street fashion brand shops, restaurants and bars. The centre has a voluminous car parking that can facilitate more than 1400 vehicles at a time.

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