List of Top Salsa Bars in Central London

Salsa is a popular dance which first originated in the US and borrows heavily from Latin dances like Mambo and Cha cha cha. The dance is actually based on shifting weight in a manner that the upper body does not move much and can be quite a fun activity, especially with your partner.

London is home to a lot of famous tourist attractions like Buckingham Palace, London Bridge and the Old Bailey, but it also consists of a large quantity of booming businesses. Put aside from the museums and galleries that attract tourists from around the world to the city, if just landed in London and want to do some salsa dancing, consider the following popular venues listed in this StepbyStep guide.


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    Less than a mile away from the famous British Museum & Leicester Square, London's famous theater and cinema center, this club offers free dances classes specializing in salsa. With a vibrant and contemporary décor, which is representative of the color, style and culture of Central and Southern America, Salsa offers live music, dance performances and classes organized by professional salsa dancers around the world. To ensure the jump seat and no door charges, customers should call to reserve and arrive early. On Saturdays, the club is only bookable for a minimum of four.

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    Two Brewers

    Located less than two miles away from Clapham Art Gallery and Battersea Park, Two Brewers is a popular salsa club. It offers a selection of music up to trend that includes artists like Bakulaye, Michael White and Elite Reve, and it has a fun, friendly and welcoming environment. Known for its salsa classes and workshops, this club caters to all types of dancers/lovers, from beginners to advanced students. The club offers a full service bar with a wide variety of drinks.

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    Located a mile less from the Royal Academy of Arts, it has been just redesigned and now boasts a fashionable interior with ambient lighting and a new full service bar. The venue is designed to easily hold up to 420 people.

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