How to Find a Room-mate in London

London is full of international students and professionals who work or study here. If you are one of these, then the biggest problem that you can face is finding a reasonable property to live in and it is possible that you will end up paying huge money on double rooms or an apartment for a single person. You can save about half of the rent if you can share the room or apartment with someone else, for example a student or professional. But finding a nice person to share the room is not an easy task. You have to do some homework before actually advertising the property for share. Following step by step guide emphasizes on the procedure that you can adopt to find a person to share your room with.


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    First of all make a list of all of your requirements because without listing the requirements, you will not be able to find a good person. These requirements should include, rents, bills, sharing of room, rules regarding smoking and drinking, besides other rules which you and your fellow will have to follow.

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    The second step is to register yourself and your property on some reliable roommate portals such as Gum Tree, Easy Roommate, Spare Room etc. Doing this will allow the room hunters to see your property and they will be able to contact you for more details.

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    Use Craigslist, which is one of the largest property listing website in London. You can create your listing free of cost and your property listing will be visible to millions of users.

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    You can also place a notice on the notice board of your college, university or office. This can help you find people who can be trusted more compared to complete strangers.

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    If someone contacts you regarding the letting, meet with that person and show him/her the property and if they like it, and the person seems suitable to you, then you can proceed with all the paperwork.

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