How to Get License for Travel Agent in London

In every city the position or role of a travel agent is as important as of any other occupation because they have the ability to unleash the beauty of the city, country or a state. London is considered to be in the list of world’s most admirable city due to its beauty and presence of historical and extravagant sites and there are several travel agents over here, who help tourist and the citizens of London to visit several attractive places which are with in London. If the citizens of London wish to visit any other place which is not in London even then they serve the people.  Though any one can become a travel agent, but the main thing is to acquire a license and get registered, this can only be done if your qualification and knowledge is up to the mark or else you will not be granted with a license and in London there is a great demand for licensed travel agents.


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    Before you apply for a travel agent license there are few things which you should notice in yourself, like have you studied geography and history and are you aware of the history of world in detail along with the eminent places. The next thing which is important is to check have you yourself been to various places and know what the reason behind their prominence and eminence is. Make sure you remain in touch with various traveling magazines which will help you in knowing if there is been some recent new changes or not. If you are planning to run your own agency then make sure you have knowledge about the business management.

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    The next step is to visit a licensing agency which will inspect your knowledge and decide whether you deserve to be registered and acquire the license or not. the name of few licensing agencies are mentioned below.

    a) Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd

    b) The Licensing Agency

    c) CPLG (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group)

    d) Golden Goose Ltd

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    You just have to visit the licensing agency of your choice along with your educational certificates and your passports to give them a proof that you have been travelling various places. Besides that your birth certificate and your identity car is also required. If you are married then do not forget to give them your marriage certificate (applicable for women only) if you already have an office or planning to open one then do provide the relevant information related to the location where you wish to open.

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    After applying the authority will investigate though the information you have provided and check whether the document and your qualification is up to the mark or fake.

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    When the rest of the procedure is completed the agency will call you for an interview. In the end they might inform you about their decision on the spot or probably they might disclose their decision later and inform you by post or by a call. You will receive your license through post or you can personally visit the office and receive it.

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