How To Report A Street Care Problem In London

London is a beautiful city and to make it more beautiful, greener and cleaner, the local governments stays diligent to the task. Hence if something goes wrong in the streets of the city, the local authorities try to overcome the problem as soon as possible. Some of these problems are identified by the local government itself, but there can be a problem that is unable to catch the local council’s eye. In such scenarios, the citizens of the the the local area should contact the local authorities to report a street care problem. It can be of any type; from broken kerb, to manhandling traffic lights. If you spot any problem in your street then use the information below to contact the local authorities to report the street care problem.


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    Identify the problem

    The very first thing you should know is about the type of street care problem you noticed. It will help the local authorities to send the relevant team without any delays. The problems can be of any kind but the most common ones are given below:

    - Bollards
    - Bridges or walls
    - Walls on council housing estates
    - Damaged roads and pavements or problems about road works
    - Drains and main holes in the streets
    - Graffiti problems
    - New traffic or road Safety schemes
    - Theft of paving stones
    - Potholes and utility cabinets
    - Recycling, abandoned vehicles or general waste
    - Road adoptions
    - Road and lane closures
    - Road markings
    - Road signs and street name plates
    - Restrictions on the road weights
    - Street cleaning services
    - Problems about the street furniture
    - Zebra crossing lights, street or traffic lights problems
    - Road or street obstructions
    - Taxi ranks

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    Visit your London website is a newly established website from the mayor of London and it provides a centralised platform to report different problems to the local councils. In order to report street care problem, visit this link.

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    Find your location

    The link above will present you with a form to write your post code, house number and street name. Fill that form and search for your address. It will help the centralised server to redirect you to the local authority complaint forms. Once you are done with the submission of address search form, you will be able to see your address below to the same form. Select your address.

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    Select an appropriate form

    Now look at the right hand side of the same web page and select street/public spaces from the list of options. Then from a dropdown list of forms, select the appropriate problem - it could be one of those mentioned above.

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    Complete the form and submit

    Once you are done with the selection, you will be presented with an option to complete the form. Click on that link and follow on screen instructions to complete the complaint form and submit it. That’s it! You are done on your part.

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