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Bath is located in the South West of England and is almost 115 miles from London. It is a centerpiece of tourism as it provides number of theaters, museums and other cultural sites. The city of Bath was also labelled to be a World Heritage Site in 1987 and over 3 million visitors come to the city every year. If you are planning a trip and are looking for information on how to travel from London to Bath, this guide will be helpful.

Bath has a moderate climate and the weather is normally rainy due to which the temperature remains mild as compared to the rest of the country. The yearly mean temperature of bath is around 10 °C. All these factors make this city a good option to visit. If you are planning to visit it then there are various modes of transport to find your way to this city, including traveling by air, bus, car, and train.


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    London to Bath By Car

    Whether you are traveling to Bath with family or friends, or you want to explore the places and landmarks alone, traveling by car will be a better option for you to ensure mobility within the city. Before starting your journey, make sure you have a valid car health certificate, driving license and enough gas to cover the distance of 115 miles. Do wear seat belts as it is obligatory by law while driving anywhere in UK. The maximum speed of 50 miles per hour (80 km/h) is allowed on M4 motorway.

    In case of any emergency you can contact Highway Police by calling at +44 845 750 40 30.

    from london to bath by car
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    London to Bath By Air

    Traveling by air is the fastest mode to travel from London to Bath. A direct flight is expected to last about 15-20 minutes and it will take you to the Bristol airport, which is only 20 miles from Bath. The one way fare of the trip from London to Bath starts from £300.00 to £350.00, which may vary upon the choice of airline selection, or ticket class. If you plan a trip in advance, budget airlines can cut the traveling cost to a great extent. Although there's a list of airlines that fly between London and Bristol, from London Heathrow Airport and London Gatwick Airport, British Airways is preferred by most of the travelers due to their extensive network and flight availability.

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    London to Bath By Bus

    Traveling by bus is the cheapest yet comfortable way to travel from London to Bath. Several bus service options are available and can be availed at your convenience. Such services are mostly operational throughout the day and you can purchase tickets by either visiting the sales outlets near your place or from customer sales counter on the bus stand. However, the facility of buying online is also available on their respective websites. The following are the bus services that run between London & Bath.

    National Express: Coaches from Victoria Coach station are available since 8:00 in the morning till late night. National Express has affordable fairs; however, the routes are longer. Buses from Victoria coach station take 2 hrs 30 mins to 4 hrs 30 mins.

    Mega Bus: Operating from St Pancras Station, Waterloo Station, Euston Station and Victoria Station in London, this service also offers variety of deals for travelling between London and Bath. Their estimated time is 2 hrs and 30 mins.

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    London to Bath By Train

    Almost after every half an hour you can find a train leaving for Bath from London Paddington station, crossing through Kew Bridge Rail Station‎. It takes around 1 hour & 23 minutes for the train to reach Bath Spa station, located in the heart of Bath city. Bath is almost 115 miles away from London. The fare for the train trip from London to Bath starts from £28.00, but can vary upon the class of the cabin, such as economy or first class or extra services like booking of bicycle etc.

    Visit the station window upon your arrival at the railway station before boarding on train. National Railways allow up to three items of personal luggage per person, if you are carrying more than 3 bags than you may have to pay additional charges for the excessive baggage.

    First Great Western is another option for faster train travel from London to Bath. You can get trains from Paddington station for Bath between 12:00 hrs to 14:00 hrs.

    from london to bath by train
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    Tours & Trips from London to Bath

    Tours and trips are one of the best options for you to pick in order to travel from London to Bath. If you are a tourist in London and intend to explore different cities in UK, many good tour and group traveling services are there to offer amazing deals to make your trip memorable. In order to plan a great trip, check out the detailed Bath tourist information guide.

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