List of Allergy Test Centres in London

There are numerous types of allergies, which are hard to identify in some cases. Sometime it takes months and even years just to figure out the real cause of allergies. It could be due to some environmental changes, dust, specific type of food etc.
If you are in London and fall among those who are suffering from any kind of allergy then a good option for relief would be an Allergy test centre. Such centres have the necessary skills and knowledge to quickly identify the cause of the disease for you, which will eventually help your doctor prescribe a course of action for relieve from such disease.
This article highlights some of the allergy test centres in London.


  • 1

    Allergy Test Centre, offers testing service to all kind of allergies which also includes a complimentary mineral deficiency and vitamin check. 

  • 2

    OptiHealth UK Allergy Testing, provides accurate allergy testing methods in a fast and painless way. OptiHealth has professional and competent doctors to test allergy and provide effective guidance for cure.

  • 3

    Allergy Testing & Nutrition Clinic Flow is among the leading allergy testing service in London which ensure your health is in good hands.

  • 4

    Allergy Testing, is run by the famous health care specialist Melanie Flower. You can get all kinds of allergy test at the Allergy Testing in a very low cost.

  • 5

    Allergy Test Clinic, is one of the leading allergy test centre in London details the causes of allergies and provides optimum guidance to cure.

  • 6

    London Allergy and Immunology Centre, has best allergy treatment methods available in the world. The testing is done by highly qualified and professional health care specialists.

  • 7

    Allergy & Wellness Centre, is a well established and renowned medical center in London which provides reliable allergy test services. Allergy & Wellness center has all the products and information available to cure all kinds of allergies.

  • 8

    Future Health Management, is a famous medical centre in London which deals in all kinds of health related issues including allergy testing. From eating habits to a healthy lifestyle, Future Health Management offers an enhanced change in your life.

  • 9

    Fairlee Wellbeing Centre, is a modern, specialized and friendly health center in London which provides optimum solution for all your health problems inlcuding allergies.

  • 10

    The London Skin and Hair Clinic, is one of the best Dermatologist clinics in London which provides through skin care and allergy treatments.

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