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With the collective contribution of all staff members including the owners, Bonnington Café accomplished in making a worth praising reputation. The massive range of vegetarian dishes in Boonnington’s cafe took minimum time in making the taste buds of Londoner’s get used to them. Friendly staff members treat their customers as their guests, which is why since many years, the café’s regulars have been repeatedly coming back. The expert cooks make sure that they facilitate their customers with all kinds of cuisines, like Italian, French, Japanese, American and English. The food is served in a very extravagant manner and that too, in reasonable rates. This is yet another reason why people are so fond of this place.

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    Products and Services of Bonnington Café:

    For those people who are interested in cooking, they can join the cook group by attending meetings which are usually scheduled on the 1st in every alternate month.

    If you are planning to have lunch or dinner with a group of friends, colleagues or family, then you can also make advance reservations.

    Click here to get detailed information about each chef who is capable of creating innovative and tasty vegetarian recipes. Contact them via phone or send an email before paying a visit to the café.

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    Operational Hours of Bonnington Café:

    The café remains open seven days a week and the services start from 12:00 pm till 2:00 pm for lunch, and after 4 hours break, it reopens at 6:30 pm and closes at 10:30 pm.

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    Location of Bonnington Café:

    11 Vauxhall Grove, Vauxhall SW8 1TD, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Bonnington Café:

    By Tube:

    By walk it will take 4 minutes to travel from Vauxhall Underground Station to this vegetarian restaurant. To cover the 0.2 mile length between two the locations, head towards east on the Lambeth PI. Keep walking on S Lambeth PI until you are done with a distance of 591 feet. Take a right turn and continue moving on the Vauxhall Grove. After covering 610 feet, you will reach your destination. If you wish to see the exact directions, click here!

    By Bus:

    Vauxhall, Harleyford Road Durham Street (W-bound) is a few feet away from the café. You will have to take route number 36, 185, 436 or N136 in order to get dropped near Bonnington Café. ‎

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