List of Artificial Flowers Shops in London

Artificial flowers have seen rapid growth in the London area. The artificial flower industry in the capital of Britain has now become highly specialised with unique floral designs and creations being put up by artificial flower shop owners. The upward trend seems to stem from the fact that taking care of natural flowers can be difficult and the flowers fade quickly. Artificial flowers on the other hand allow people to keep a London apartment or home looking colorful with out the mess. The only issue is keeping the piece clean and that can be easily done with some dusting and wet rags. If you want to try out artificial flowers in your home then we suggest you look at some of the many flower shops available in the city. Here is a list of artificial flower shops in London to guide you on your quest for the perfect decoration piece for your home.


  • 1

    Pulbrook and Gould Florists, is one of the leading names of London in artificial flowers and home accessories. All the flowers decorations from The House Directory are handmade by the professionals.

  • 2

    Bloomsbury Flowers, is a famous florists in London which creates, design and deliver artificial flowers. The designing of artificial flowers is done by professionals who arrange the flowers the way you want it to be.

  • 3

    Harper & Tom’s, is one of the oldest florist in London who specializes in all kind of artificial seasonal flowers which will make your garden and rooms fresh for ever.

  • 4

    John Carter Flowers, has a unique style of designing and arranging artificial flowers which gives them a natural look.

  • 5

    London Flower Net, is one of the biggest florists in London which deals in both fresh and artificial flowers.

  • 6

    Arena Flowers, provides a wide range of artificial flowers which are not only cost-effective, the look of the flowers are maintained in a natural way

  • 7

    Olive Branch is London’s local florist which provides well designed artificial and natural flowers. The shop also provides the facility of home delivery.

  • 8

    Nikki Tibbles, are experienced and well reputed florists in London which is famous for its unique and stylish bouquets.

  • 9

    Angel Flowers, is among the leading florists in London which were ranked in the top 5 by the Tatler Magazine. Angel Flowers carries 15 years of experience in floral designs and creations.

  • 10

    Geoffrey Walker, specializes in floral designs for both natural and artificial. One of the advantages of ordering from Geoffrey Walker is that they deliver flowers on the same day when ordered.

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