Dollis Hill Tube Station London

Dollis Hill tube station is located in the Dollis Hill area of north-west London. The station serves mainly to the Jubilee line under fare zone 3, which connects it to Willesden Green and Neasden. The station also serves Metropolitan line, but the trains do not have stop here. Dollis Hill station was opened in 1909 as Dollis Hill, renamed in 1931 as Dollis Hill and Gladstone Park and finally reverted to its original name of Dollis Hill in 1933. The station facilitates about 3 million commuters every year and has almost all required facilities, i.e. washrooms, disabled access, mobility assistance etc.

Currently, the Dollis Hill station’s ticketing halls can be accessed from Brunley Road and Chapter Road, which act as both entrances and exits. Places to explore near Police Stations near Dollis Hill Station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops;
    The area in the vicinity of Dollis Hil tube station has lots of restaurants and coffee shops. One may easily find several options on walking distance from the Dollis Hill subway station.

    Coffee Shops:
    Cafe Vive Iterum
    Thai Village

    Buxoro Restaurant
    La Basque
    The New Golden Duck

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    Clubs & Bars;
    Clubs and bars are also in abundance in  the area of Dollis Hill. Within one mile distance from the Dollis Hill tube station many nightclubs and bars can be easily found.

    Tony's Bar & Bar Lulas

    Night clubs:
    Ace Discos
    The Green

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    Hotels & Accommodations;
    Some very good lodges and a couple of hotels are situated in one mile's distance from the Dollis Hill underground station.

    Guest House:
    Belldanes Lodge

    Abbotts Hotel
    Hollingbury Hotel

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    Sights & Attractions;

    Tourist's destinations and sights abound the Dollis Hill area of London. In close proximity of Dollis Hill subway station a couple of Parks, a museum and few other destinations can easily be found.

    Gladstone Park
    Brent Museum
    Roundwood Park

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    Schools & Colleges;

    Primary schools and colleges that offer specialized studies can also be easily located nearby the Dollis Hill station.

    Gladstone Park Primary School
    Northview Primary School
    Avigdor Hirsch Torah Temimah Primary School

    College of North West London
    Islamic College for Advanced Studies

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    Gift & Bookshops;
    Bookshops and gift shops are in plenty in the Locale of Dollis Hill. Some of them are just on walking distance from the Dollis Hill tube station.

    Gift Shops:
    Lemoss Stores
    Modest London

    Book Shops:
    BK Publications
    Glorious Beginnings Christian Bookshop
    Willesden Bookshop

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    Health & Beauty Services;
    Beauty Salons and fitness centres being important need in today's fast paced life must be accessible with ease. Many good Salons and fitness centres are situated in one mile's distance from Dollis Hill tube station.

    Beauty Salons:
    Zeba Hair
    Studio Tina
    Fab Tan

    Fitness Clubs:
    Gladstone Sports
    Fitness Club
    Feel Good Mania

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    Emergency Services;

    Safety must always considered first and foremost. Two police stations and a fire station is located within one mile distance from the Dollis Hill tube station.

    Willesden Green Police Station
    Willesden Fire Station
    Metropolitan Police

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    Hospitals & Clinics;
    We as human beings seek medical attention and are dependent on medical practitioners all the time. Within an area of approximately one mile from the underground station, one can find some very good clinics.

    Pain Relief Centre
    Chinese Health Clinic
    London Foot Clinic
    The Willesden Medical Centre
    Willesden Dental Clinic

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    Shopping Malls;

    The presence of shopping malls in proximity to the residence is of tremendous importance for oneself. Some good shopping malls fill the area nearby the station.

    Shopping Malls:

    Insurance Shopping Centre
    Sainsbury's Superstore

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    Childcare Centres;

    Children being the apple of their parents eyes draw much concern when it comes to leaving them back at home. Just in the close proximity of the Dollis Hill tube station some well reputed childcare centres are located.

    Childcare Centre:
    Bubbly Day Nursery
    Andrew Memorial Day Nursery
    Ellen Louise Nursery
    Neasden Montessori School
    Curzon Crescent Childrens Centre

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