How to Get Sierra Leone Tourist Visit Visa from London

Sierra Leone is a small African state which is worth visiting due to its nature friendly environments.  If you are intending to enter in Sierra Leone as a tourist from London you need to have a valid visa in this regard. However, the citizens of West African Economic Community (ECOWAS) are exempted from this requirement and do not need any kind of visas for this purpose. Sierra Leone has established it high commission in London to facilitate such visitors. You can get the tourist visit visa of Sierra Leone by fulfilling certain requirements. Step by Step brings you the complete detail about how to get of Sierra Leone tourist visit visa from London.

Visit: Sierra Leone High Commission


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    Application Form

    The application form of Sierra Leone visit visa can be received either in person from Sierra Leone High Commission in London or it can be downloaded from the following link Click Here.

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    Here is the detail of documents required for the application of visiting visa of Sierra Leone from London.

    a) Applicant’s passport valid for six months
    b) One fresh passport photograph
    c) Invitation or reservation for Tourists documents.

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    The amount of charges for visit visa is different under various circumstances. The detail goes as under:
    Single entry visa will cost you £50:00 with validity of 90 days whereas multiple visa entry charges are £75:00 for 180 days.
    b) Payments for Visas, Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC), Passport form and all other consular services should be made at any Barclays Bank Branch in London to the following Account:
    Sierra Leone High Commission, Account No: 10782653, Sort Code: 20-36-47

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    How to submit Application Forms

    The submission of application forms can be made by two methods, either you handover the documents to the concerned department or it could be sent by post. If you adopt the second option, you need to attach an empty prepaid postal envelop along with your exact name and address with other documents. Here is the address of Sierra Leone High Commission in London:

    Visit: Sierra Leone High Commission

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    Processing time

    It takes a minimum of 3 working days before the collection of tourist visa.

  • 6

    Receive Visa

    You can receive the visa in person or it will be sent to you on the postal address you mentioned on the empty envelope.

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