How to Travel from London to Chester

With time the hassle which people living in England had to face while reaching their destination has become quite convenient, especially with in the country. Several means of transportation which were introduced few years back, is now transformed into more suitable and comfortable manner. According to your budget and keeping in mind your valuable time, you can easily choose any source and manage to reach Chester from London. Chester is basically a city in Cheshire, which is approximately 310.8 kilo meters far from London on M1 and M6. Due to large distance you can travel through car, bus, train and plane as per your desire.


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    London to Chester By Car

    Chester is located in Cheshire England and is 310.8 kilometers far from London. Traveling by car to Chester is considered ideal, because you can easily make various stops and enjoy your journey. With average speed, your vehicle will take 5 hours and 9 minutes to cross the borders of Chester. If the speed is 55 miles per hour, it will take 3 hours and 45 minutes, while with 70 miles per hour, you will reach in 2 hours and 57 minutes. There are different routes available to travel by road all the way to Chester. In order to reach as early as possible, you can use M1 and M6 that takes 3 hours and 32 minutes to reach Chester. You can reach in 3 hours and 36 minutes by using a single motorway, and it takes 4 minutes more to cross the borders of Chester. It is better to keep a map with you for the perfect instructions, because you might not get familiar with the directions and the route. You can see the exact route from London to Chester from View Map.

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    London to Chester By Bus

    Traveling through bus from London to Chester is considered to be the cheapest mean, though it takes more time as compared to car, train or by air. It takes approximately 6 hours and thirty minutes to cover 193 miles, but it also depends upon the number of penultimate stops, greater the number of stops more time is required.

    If you’re traveling to Chester from London by bus, the first and most important step is to check the bus schedules and identify the one that suits you. You can also plan your journey online through the websites mentioned below:

    Visit: National Express

    Visit: Transport Direct Info

    Visit: Mega Bus

    The most convenient way to reach Chester is by selecting following route plans, because it takes less time as compared to other routes. You will find a bus from Heathrow Central bus station, and it will take 6 hours and 23 minutes to reach Chester. Route map

    You will also find a bus from Golden Green, Golders Green (Stop GG), which takes 6 hours and 12 minutes to get your desired destination. Route map

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    London to Chester By Train

    In order to travel from London to Chester it takes 2 hours to reach your destination. You can book your tickets online or buy it on the spot. Every hour, a train is left for Chester from the London Euston train station, and the price of this round trip starts from £19.00.
    Two train services are present at the London Euston Station, the Virgin Trains and the other is the Arriva Trains Wales. The entire schedule can be viewed from this website.

    The passengers start their journey form Virgin Train and continue the entire trip with zero stops. In total 2 hours and 2 minutes you will reach your destination at the Chester Railway Station.
    You can see the route from this map.

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    London to Chester By Air

    Plane is the fastest mode to travel Chester from London, as it takes around 54 minutes to cover the required distance. The location of the airport is towards the south west side of the central business district of Chester.

    Try reaching airport 30 minutes earlier, so that you can fulfil all the requirements of the boarding on time along with the booking of seat. Go towards Terminal 1 which is specifically for domestic flights and ask for the availability of seats and the route.

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    Tours and Trips

    Travel advisers are another best option before you start your trip, because they will give you perfect suggestions and route plans according to your budget. Besides, they will also introduce with various tour and trip deals.

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