List of Auctioneers in London

Do you know that every year thousands of commercial and domestic properties, antique art, jewelleries, household materials and many other articles are sold in considerably below market prices in London? In London, you will find some of the biggest auction houses like Sotheby and Hampstead. If you want to make auction or want to place your article in auction, there are numerous auction houses to which you can contact. However, there are few who are specialised in one domain while others put wide variety of articles for auction. Below is a list of auctioneers in London that should provide you help in deciding about the auctioneers.


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    Southebay, is one of the world's biggest auction house based in the London. The company established in 1744 holds some of most concentrated auctions in the World. From simple household materials to commercial and antique, the company hold auction throughout world.

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    Hampstead Auctions Ltd, are general antiques auctioneers but they emphasise on antique silver and gold jewellery. The company offer sales on every three or four weeks from Thursday evening.

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    Criterion Auctioneers, offers almost all kind of articles, and materials since 1989. The company offers more than 1200 sales on every Saturday and also provide facility of review on Weekends. The company covers antique auctions, rooms, coins, collectables, fine arts, furniture and many other materials.

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    Barnett Ross Property Auctioneers, is one of the biggest independent auctioneers specialised in commercial and the residential property across the UK. The company alos provide insurance service to its customers.

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    Mustbesold, is an auction house which offers those properties for sale that must be sold. The company arrange auctions of wide variety of priporteries including mortgages, institutions, and other buildings by local authorities.

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    LOTS ROAD AUCTIONS, is a well established brand name in auction industry. The company offers all range of antique and contemporary materials including, furniture, textiles, carpets, paintings and other articles on sale.

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    NL Auction, provide auction facility in all kind of materials. They offer antiques, furniture’s, rooms, collectables, values, jewellery and other services. Auction is scheduled every Monday at 2 pm.

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    Simply Sold Ltd, is well established brand name in London for all sort of article auctioning. The company operates research cell to make your valuable things easily and sellable.

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    MacDougall’s is the only art house which is specialised in auctioning of Russian art in London. Every year, they offer two week sales of all sorts of Russian arts in London Russian week. The company has distinction of being the only art house that has representative also in Moscow, Russia.

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    UK Auction List, is the biggest auctioneers also providers of value and probation services of antique art and paintings. The company is based in London and serves the entire UK. Besides Auction the company provide the insurance services to customers.

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