Pie and Mash Shops in London

From generation to generation, the sumptuous recipe of pie, mash and liquor has been passing over. The authentic taste of this English food was first introduced in the East end of London. Since the 18th century, pie and mash took next to no time in becoming the favorite English food. People, especially laborers, were in search of a food that was cheap but would easily satisfy their appetite; so they ended up discovering pie, mash and liquor – which is also famous by the name of pie floaters. In pie, usually eel is used as the main ingredient due to which in the year 2005, the number of eels in River Thames had fallen to 1,500 and 50 in the year 2010. If you wish to know which place in London is famous for selling one of the best pie, mash and liquor then take a look at the list arranged below:


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    F Gooke

    F Gooke is not only popular for their family friendly service, but the quality of pie floaters is another reason why Londoners prefer revisiting this pie shop. The liquor served with the recipe perfectly complements the entire dish.

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    The recipe of pie, mash and liquor prepared at Castle’s helps the restaurant to keep itself prominent among the rest. The expert chefs make sure that their customers acquire complete satisfaction from their meal and keep coming back for more.

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    Cockney’s Pie & Mash

    Inaugurating the business of pie and mash in the 90’s, Cockney’s Pie & Mash is young in the field. But surprisingly, they took very less time in fortifying their position as one of the best pie and mash sellers of London. The cozy interior is another reason why people opt for this place.

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    Clark's pie and mash is one of their regulars which is often order by people stopping by. The recipe of pie and mash prepared at this shop definitely satisfies all the customers who walk in.

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    If you are looking for the best meal of the week in a lovely decorated dine-in, then do pay a visit at the Harringtons. Their beautiful, artistic style interior is capable enough to capture anyone’s attention.

  • 6

    M Manze

    No one can beat the taste of pie and mash prepared at M Manze. The cooks of M Manze are expert enough to produce a fantastic dish for which most Londoners visit it very often.

  • 7

    G Kelly

    G Kelly has a limited menu but whatever they serve is worth tasting. Pie floater is one of the most ordered recipes which has helped the business in earning a good name in the industry.

  • 8

    Lou Farrow Pie & Mash Shop

    If you wish to travel back in time and take a look at the history of pie and mash then it is highly recommended to pay a visit here. Do not judge this ramshackle place through its appearance because the pie and mash served here can easily cover up the flaws.

  • 9

    L Manze’s

    Marble tables and the tiled interior acquired massive amount of attention, but L Manze’s recipe of pie and mash is another reason which has made this place fabulously prominent in London.

  • 10

    Pie & Mash Shop

    Do not wait for the waiter to ask for your order, go straight to the counter order a delicious pie, mash and liquor and enjoy it on fixed plastic seating. The dessert served here is quite similar to their main order; instead of meat, the pie floating in yummy custard is filled with apple.

  • 11

    Robins Pie & Mash Shop

    Robins Pie & Mash Shop can easily attract non eel lovers because the pies served at Robins is how pies are supposed to be - crunchy and yummy. The liquor served with the mash and pie is also good enough to accompany the dish.

  • 12

    Mother Mash

    For vegetarians, Mother Mash has introduced different varieties of pie that contain delicious vegetable filings which are all homemade. The ambiance of this place is amazing and you will definitely enjoy your meal.

  • 13

    B J's Pie & Mash Shop

    B J's Pie & Mash Shop solely does not serve pie floaters since they have various other items in their menu, but  people prefer having that English dish. It is up to you whether you wish to avail the dine-in facility or get your favorite dish packed for takeaway.

  • 14


    Arments has accomplished in making pie, mash and liquor several people’s favorite food. As time passed, perfection in making pie has been increased but the management of  Arments has never let their quality down. You will find real, genuine and wholesome food at Arments.

  • 15

    Raymonds Pie & Mash Shop

    Located in the 10 Passey Place, Raymonds Pie & Mash Shop has a cozy environment and friendly service. You will definitely like the pie, mash and liquor served here. For casual gatherings of friend or small parties, try making this place as your ultimate choice.

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