How to Open an Auto Insurance Business in London

Due to great advancement in the insurance business since past few years in London, many people are in an urge to select insurance as their career field. Due to some various bright examples of people in the life of Londoners, who have achieved a lot in the business of insurance, also desire to taste the flavours of the plentiful of benefits, in this specific field. Whether it is London or any other state on the globe, it is not an easy task to set up an auto insurance business and become successful, in fact there are few legal requirements along with few general needs as well. Some important steps are mentioned below, which will help the Londoners in getting into the business of auto insurance.


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    The foremost requirement with the help of which any person can start thinking about opening a personal business of auto insurance, is the level of qualification. The ideal and the perfect qualification would be a bachelor degree of business. Even if the person is under graduate, but he or she should be an expert of accountings, financing and obviously mathematics, these three things will make an insurance business quite simple.

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    The second thing which is required is to work as an internee under a well known, or a reliable auto insurance company, so that you may get a knack of this business. There are several auto insurance companies in London, the top ones are mentioned below:

    Lloyd's of London

    London Car Insurance Broker


    IAM Click

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    Once you get the Certificate in Insurance for Trainee (CII), it means you are just a step behind to setup your own business. The second last thing which is required is to make sure that you have enough money available in your account, with the help of which you will be able to start up a successful business. The amount should be more than $1,000,000 for starters, but approximately $5,000,000 should be available with you, so that you get the legal right to sell the financial services under your companies name, this process comes under jurisdiction process.

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    After confirming the procedure and the aspects mentioned above, now you will have to get a license to officially start your own business. Do keep in mind to look for an appropriate location which will increase the rate of your customer.

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    Do not forget to get your business insured too, so that it gets full security from any sort of financial mishaps.

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    When you are done with all major things, decide which sort of car insurance policy you are intending to offer your customers. Make sure your legal document provides all information which a customer requires.

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    The last step is to make contacts. This can be done by making use of the contacts you came across during your internship period. Use the help of print media and advertise your company through friends and family.

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