List of Vegetarian Restaurants in London

Vegetarian restaurants in London have hit on a niche market that is growing day by day as more individuals realise the health benefits of a vegan diet. Many health conscious eaters claim that vegetarian meals leave a person feeling healthy and light. This is the opposite of meat based meals which are heavier and have fat in them and can leave the diner feeling bloated. However, most vegetarians must make sure to get the required protein their body needs because veggie dishes are light on this important part of human nutrition. Of course there are people out there that eat vegetarian meals for religious reasons. That is why vegetarian restaurants in London cater to all sorts of customers and have menus that are meant to fit all different needs.


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    Mildreds Vegetarian Restaurant, is a veggie joint that serves dishes from around the globe. They have a cake shop and a bar also available on the premises for customers.

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    Vanilla Black, is a vegetarian restaurant that creates exciting new dishes based on the ingredients available in the market. They believe in producing an eye catching menu that is delicious enough for both vegetarians and omnivores.

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    Tibits, is a special vegetarian venue that offers entrees, snacks with dips and ice tea. They are open from lunch to dinner and offer a relaxed atmosphere for great food.

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    Beatroot Vegetarian Café, is a veggie joint that offers fresh food at economical prices. They offer food, smoothies, salads and juices to their customers.

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    VitaOrganic, is a eatery that offer organic vegetarian cuisine. They cater to people that have food allergies or require special diets but claim the food tasts better then conventional meals.

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    Govindas Restaurant, is an indian restaurant that serves a delightful vegetarian menu. The food is prepared in a traditional manner and is karma-free.

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    Food For Thought, started in 1974 and offers food that is not processed in any way. They offer vegan and gluten free dishes on every menu.

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    Hummus Bros, is the only restaurant in London that serves just hummus. The homemade chick-pea dish is served with pita bread, salad and juices.

  • 9

    SAF, is one of the top vegetarian restaurant sin London and serves innovative veggie dishes. It also showcases a healthy lifestyle from its two location in London.

  • 10

    The Gate Vegetarian Restaurant, has been on the London veggie lovers radar for quite some time now. They serve international vegetarian dishes in an artist's studio.

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