List Of Voluntary Aided Schools In London

Voluntary aided schools of England and Wales are state-funded schools in which a trust, mostly a religious organization, takes up the school and guides its running. The British Capital has several voluntary aided schools which, in addition to teaching religious ethos or moral outlines set out by their respective trust or church, also pursue a balanced curriculum. Students at these voluntary aided schools get their hands on various projects and extra-curricular activities that are essential for their growth. Children also learn to hone their natural abilities which are imperative to evolve themselves into successful adults.


  • 1

    St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

    The school was built with a purpose to inculcate true christian values in children. The school works to make children motivated and self-driven and makes them strong, independent beings who are also capable of working in teams.

  • 2

    Cardinal Pole Catholic School

    This is a mixed catholic comprehensive school that vows to inculcate moral and disciplinary ethos in the kids. It caters to children between 11 to 19 years of age.

  • 3

    St Gregory’s Catholic School

    At St Gregory’s Catholic School, children learn to become positive and well-rounded and dynamic individuals that have a passion for learning and growth in life.

  • 4

    St Paul’s CE Primary School

    With 210 children on board, St Paul’s CE primary school works towards instilling creative thinking abilities necessary for a child’s growth and development. Christian beliefs and multicultural values form a basis of the child’s curriculum.

  • 5

    St Saviour’s C of E Primary School

    Pupils of St Saviour’s C of E Primary School learn good manners that are essential for a person living in today’s times. The curriculum is designed so to balance the academics with playground and project activities critical for a child’s development.

  • 6

    St Anslem’s Catholic Primary School

    Southwark’s Archdiocese is the trustee of St Anslem’s Catholic primary School at Tooting Bec road, which takes children according to a pre-decided criterion. The curriculum of the school is outlined keeping in view a balance between religious and the prospectus set out by the government.

  • 7

    St Mary and St Pancreas C of E primary school

    St Mary and St Pancreas C of E primary school is tucked away in the serene and calm surroundings of 81 Werrington St. The school vows to provide children with an all-round curriculum that emphasizes the significance of games and sports while not losing sight of academics.

  • 8

    Christ the King Primary School

    Children study at Christ the King Primary School in nursery, reception and older primary classes. The love and knowledge of Christ is deemed an important part of the academics taught at the school.

  • 9

    St Michael’s C of E primary school

    St Michael’s C of E primary school is a Christian school and thus Christanity is undertoned in values and ethos of the school. The parents affirm the three C policy of the school which undertakes the inculcation of care, courtesy and consideration amongst children.

  • 10

    St Joan of Arc primary school

    St Joan of Arc primary school is a school that provides education to pupils of 5 – 11 years of age along with a nursery with children of age 3 to 4 years. This voluntary aided school also caters to children with SEN.

  • 11

    St Eugene De Mazenod Catholic Primary School

    The school aims to provide children with an environment that cultivates their social, intellectual and interpersonal skills. The academics are balanced with extra-curricular activities that are rendered equally important for the children.

  • 12

    St Helen’s catholic primary school

    St Helen’s is a voluntary aided primary school of Newham. The school aims at raising the self-esteem of pupils and building positive communication and interpersonal skills amongst themselves.

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