How To Get Door Supervision Licence In London

Door supervisors are sometimes also called as door stewards or bouncers, and they are personnel that stand in front of some licensed premises and judge the suitability of the persons entering inside a licensed property e.g. a building, club, or stadium etc. They also look after all the customers and provide them security and safety services. They can manage or initiate queues or carry body searches and door supervisory patrols inside buildings etc. They interact closely with the police to maintain peace. In order to become a professional door supervisor, it is mandatory for a person to go through some training and pass a SIA exam to get SIA license. A person performing duties of a door supervisor who does not have a license can face legal actions. In order to get the door supervisor license you have to follow certain instructions that are given in the following steps.


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    Skills and Interests

    In order to proceed with door supervisory duties, it is recommended for a person to have certain skills and interests including:

    - The person should be physically fit
    - The person should be able to make quick and wise decisions
    - The person should posses good customer services skills
    - The person should have health and safety knowledge
    - The person should have knowledge of licensing laws
    - The person should posses the skills to defuse violent situations

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    Necessary Training

    To apply for a door supervision license, you need to go through certain trainings that cost about £150 to £250.

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    An individual who wishes to apply for a door supervision license should be aged 18 or over and should attain the license under SIA regulations. There is also a need to obtain two part-training courses along with passes in two exams. The total training and exams time is about 30 hours. For more information on all the required qualifications, please click here. Once you are done with the exams then you can apply for your SIA license. It will take approximately 40 days for the completion of your application process.

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    You can get the SIA license application from by contacting SIA on the following number:

    Contact: +44 844 892 1025

    A request to get the application form can also be made by clicking here.

    Once you get your application form, fill it according to the enclosed instructions and then send it back along with a fees of approximately £245.

    Alternatively you can fill an online application form here and can pay the fee through a debit or credit card.

    Once you are done with the submission, you will have to wait for approximately 45 days to know the outcome of your application for a door supervisor license.

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