How to Get Croatia Tourist Visit Visa from London

Located at the crossroads of Central Europe, Croatia has its history dates back to ninth century. Due to its ancient history and rich diverse culture, the country is among highly visited places in the Earth. Having twenty percent share in its Gross Domestic Production, the tourism industry shows the number of visits to the country. However, anyone wanting to visit Croatia from the British capital for tourism purposes need to meet certain requirements that have been imposed by the Croatian Embassies. In British capital, the Embassy of Croatia also has set some rules for the applicants. These rules vary with the Nationality of the applicants. This step by step guide to get a Croatia visit visa from London will help those who want to get visit visa.

Visit: Embassy of the Republic of Croatia


  • 1

    Visa Application Form

    You can download application form available in the official website of the Croatian embassy in London. Alternatively you can download application form from the link that is given below.

    Click to Download Application Form.

  • 2


    After filling the application form, attach the following documents with your application:

    (a)    Completed Application Form duly signed by the applicant.
    (b)   Passport that should be valid for at least six months on the time of application.
    (c)    Passport size photographs in light colour backgrounds.
    (d)   Visa Fee.
    (e)   Return Ticket.
    (f)     Bank Statement that clearly shows that you can bear the expenses of your trip to Croatia.

  • 3

    Visa Fee

    Single Entry, short term visa fee is 31 GBP. For Urgent applications, the visa fee is 61 GBP. Fee will be charged at the moment of submission of application form.

  • 4

    Submission of applications

    Applications can be submitted in person only between 9:00 to 12:00 from Monday to Friday at Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in London. Remember to take your completed documents with you before submission of applications.

  • 5

    Processing Time

    Standard processing time for the visa applications is seven working days. However, there might be change in time for specific applications.

  • 6

    Collect Visa

    Visa can be collected from the Visa Section of the Croatian Embassy in London. You can collect your visa between 9:00 to 12:00 from Monday to Friday.

  • 7

    Final Check List

    Before submission of application form, you should check it again to confirm the completed documentation. You should check:

    a) application is completely filled and signed by the applicant,
    b)  passport is valid for six months and attached with the application,
    c) passport has at least one blank page,
    d) two recent passport size photographs has been attached,
    e) return ticket has been attached,
    f) hotel booking has been attached,
    g) proof of sufficient funds has been attached,
    h) visa application fee has been submitted or Postal Order has been attached, and
    i) prepaid, stamped, self-addressed return envelope has been attached.

  • 8

    Things Allowed and Precautions

    Most of the time you are allowed to take household articles, daily usage things, music players, ipod, laptop, clothes, perfumes, and other materials, but there should not be anything that is banned internationally or locally by the Croatian Government. You should also cooperate with the Immigration Authorities. Your passport should always be with you during the trip. In case of any problem and difficulty in Croatia, contact the Embassy of your National country. Remember you are not allowed to work under tourist visit visa in Croatia.

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